It was on mornings like today’s that she just wanted to go back to bed. It was the best thing to do whilst her body fought off the flu. However, her brain had other ideas and she was drawn to sit at her computer and write a terrible short story.

3 thoughts on “Flu

    • Hi, I’m actually dyslexic. I know this shouldn’t be used as an excuse – especially not for a writer- but its just the way things are. Whilst I do read through my stories, sometimes I don’t spot mistakes or else sometimes the problem is that words are automatically changed and I don’t noticed that. Also, being British, my English is set to that and not American English. (I’m not sure where you come from, but I thought I’d just point that out). Though, I do know that I’ve a habit of using both kinds, when I shouldn’t be. Lastly, no one is perfect and though I do try most of my stories end up being written on the day they go up, because I’m busy and sometimes can’t give them the time they need, I know this can effect my writing. Hopefully, from this you and everyone else can now understand why there is a high number of mistakes in my writing. I can’t promise to be more careful in the future, but I’ll try. Thanks for your comment.


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