The blood called deep down inside of him. He pulled the girl closer and slowed their pace of dancing. The smell and pounding sound of her blood had him licking his lips. He placed a line of kisses down her neck. She moaned in his arms. His lips lingered on a vein. Opening his mouth he sucked gently on her skin. She moaned louder and tried to wrap her arms around him. He grabbed her left hand and brought it to his cheek. He kissed her palm and let her hand go.

In the nightclub they were just another swaying couple. The heavy metal music vibrated through the thick, hot air. People moved around them, dancing and screaming words. White light beams swept by then turned away. The song changed to one he knew and as he dropped his lips to her ear, he whispered the opening lyrics. ‘I must have dreamed a thousand dreams, been haunted by a million screams.’

She giggled and sung the next line. ‘But I can hear the marching feet, they’re moving into the street.’

She tried to twist around to face him, but he tightened his grip on her waist. He kissed her jaw then went back to her neck. Bursting into laughter, she tangled her hand into his hair and tugged it. He growled and opened his mouth against her skin and bit. She gasped and pulled at his hair harder.

The first drop of blood hit his tongue. Tasting nothing but sweetness, he bit harder. The girl yelled out, but didn’t struggle. More blood filled his mouth. He swirled it around with his tongue making it fill every inch of his mouth. He swallowed. Ecstasy rocked through him. He licked the cut before sucking gently.

The smell of blood was already thick in the air. Her’s was just another scent amongst others. He knew no one would stop him as long as he didn’t kill her. That was a forbidden in the club, along with the acts of sex and violence. Opening his eyes, he could pick out the nearest vampires moving across the dance floor. They were all males on the hunt.

Swallowing and licking at the cut again he whispered the current lyrics, ‘This is the time, this is the place, so we look to the future.’

She turned in his arms and he let her this time. Wrapped in each other’s’ arms they swayed, whispering the rest of the lyrics. He kissed the cut he had made a few times, though it was fast healing. She moaned and kissed him just under his ear lope. Pulling back the collar of his white shirt, she kissed his throat and neck. Her lips catching the black elastic choker he wore from which hung a red plastic skull.

Sensing they were being watched, he looked up. A very young male vampire was staring at him from behind two dancing girls. Nipping his girl’s neck, he made to move away, but she grabbed him, yelling out that the song wasn’t over. He turned back, spun her around and they danced until the last notes of Disturbed’s Land of Confusion were replaced with the opening of another song. He hugged her before letting go.

‘Don’t you want me?’ she yelled in his ear. Her hands grabbed his as she looked into his face for an answer.

‘I do,’ he replied back. The words rolled smoothly off his tongue. ‘But I’m here with someone.’

‘A girl?’


She frowned. He put a hand to her cheek and kissed her lips.

‘I don’t mind. You’re my first tonight.’

He smiled softly and cupped her chin in his other hand. ‘He’s young.’

‘So?’ she said against his mouth. They kissed again.

‘He’s far too young to feed here.’

‘I can leave.’

He dropped his hands and moved away from her. ‘Tell me your name.’

‘It’s Connie.’

‘Another time, Connie.’

She opened her mouth, but he turned, pushing his way through the girls. Feeling rejected, Connie turned around, trying to catch another male’s eye. He watched her over his shoulder for a few seconds, and then turned his eyes to the young vampire now before him. The kid looked scared and twitchy. He had hooked his fingers through the loops in his jeans to stop fidgeting.

‘You were fine over there, Soja.’

He shook his head. ‘No, Kaden I wasn’t. There’s too much blood here.’

‘Alright. We’ll leave.’

Taking Soja’s hand, they weaved their way out of the club. The night air was cold and a light rain was falling. The club door banged shut behind them, sealing in the thudding music. Kaden let go of Soja and turned to him. Rain drops were already sparkling from Soja’s short multi-toned blonde hair. He was breathing deeply and his cheeks were flushed. He dropped his head and said in a soft voice. ‘Maybe you should stay?’

‘I can come back,’ Kaden replied. ‘Are you hungry again?’

Soja shook his head and pushed his hair back.

‘Do you want to go home then?’



‘The arcade?’

‘Only for a bit though.’

Soja smiled and took Kaden’s hand. They started walking, their footsteps almost silent on the cobble stones. The street lamps had been turned off, so the only light source came from the single entrance way. Boxes and bags covered the pavement, they contents unknown. When they stepped onto the main street, it appeared as if they’d just come out of an alleyway. Kaden let go of Soja’s hand and walked out into the road. This street was lined with little shops on both sides, singing of a holiday seaside village. Soja joined him, glancing back at the entrance way.

‘How’d you know it’s there? The club?’ he asked.

Shrugging, Kaden picked up his pace, ‘Instinct and memory.’

‘How’d the humans know?’

‘We tell them. Nobody can stumble on that place, it’s well hidden.’

Soja nodded and fell into step beside Kaden.

‘It’s a feeding ground for lazy vampires. That’s all.’

‘Those humans seem to like it though…I saw that girl you were with…’

Kaden quickly licked his lips at the thought of her blood. Her warmth and scent still clung to his skin. Her blood was forcing its way into the corners of his body, making him feel more alive than he had been in the last few hours.

Soja had been watching his face. ‘Does it taste different?’

‘All blood tastes different,’ Kaden replied. He laughed and they turned the corner.

Before them was another street of shops which ended at a wide opening leading into the beach. The smell of the sea was strong and they could hear tiny waves breaking against the harbour wall and boats. They walked down to the barrier. Kaden rested his arms on the cold metal and looked out to sea. Soja joined him, but instead looked at the front window of a shop.

‘More rain’s coming,’ Kaden said. ‘Look at the black clouds over there. Might even be some thunder in that one.’

‘Do you know how they get ships into bottles?’

Kaden turned and looked. The shop they were standing in front of declared it sold the best pirate items this side of the Caribbean. The window display was over crowed with treasure chests of all kinds, pirate weaponry, fake gold coins, ships in bottles and plastic fish.

‘They build them inside the bottles.’


‘Come on.’

They walked along the harbour wall and towards the sea front. Once there they walked down a long road, with small houses and cafes on one side and the beach on the other. The pier and the lighthouse beyond shone like beacons guiding those who didn’t sleep. There were only two arcades and the furthest one presided over the closest. They walked past the pier, glancing at the closed shops, stalls and restaurant. The waves broke loudly against the metal legs. Kaden slowed his steps and waited for Soja to catch up with him. They were both soaked with rain.

‘Do you think it’ll be empty?’ Soja asked.

‘Of course not.’

‘Maybe…You could…?’

Kaden shot him a look and Soja shut his mouth. He swallowed his question, but it still shone in his eyes. The kid was eager to learn all of Kaden’s tricks and more. The newly born beast had a sharp intelligent mind and understood that there was a way to tame the all mighty hungry that ravished through the body it now shared.

‘All right, just a little,’ Kaden said.

They walked to the entrance of the arcade. Some rap music was thumping through the thin walls, mixing with the sounds of voices, coins falling, fake gun noises and music jingles from the games. The place was packed with people. Kaden took the lead and they weaved in. Soja kept close, his eyes darting everywhere. At the back, next to the toilets and a vending machine, a teenager was leaning against the wall. They walked over. The guy turned, sensing Kaden just before he had a chance to move swiftly.

‘Ah,’ Kaden said, ‘Sorry, thought you were someone else.’

‘It’s cool,’ the guy replied.

‘Yeah, maybe I’ve seen you around before.’

‘I don’t think so…I’m not from here.’

‘Do you fancy some fun?’ Kaden asked, moving to the guy’s other side. The guy eyed him up, unsure what his words meant. Kaden lent against the door frame, looking tired and bored of the conversation.

‘I’m good thanks.’ He straightened and walked into the toilets. They watched him go then followed him. The smell hit them, closely followed by the soft groans of male voices. Kaden ignoring everything and went to the guy. He was leaning over a sink. The tap was running and he was about to splash water on his face.

Soja put a hand over his nose and mouth, the smell of the toilets too strong for his newly heightened senses to handle. He choked and swallowed. He had the urge to throw up, but there was nothing but blood inside his stomach now. He pressed his back to the wall and took in a few deep breaths. He watched as Kaden grabbed the guy’s hair and bit down into his neck. The guy tried to yell, but Kaden’s hand covered his month

Soja unable to stop himself gasped as the scent of blood hit the air. Kaden swallowed the drops that had hit is tongue and  waved Soja over. The kid moved slowly, drawn by the blood and stopped by his concisions. When he was close enough, Kaden put his arm around Soja and pressed him closer to the guy’s throat.

The sounds of male groaning grew in the cubical behind them. Soja licked his lips and let Kaden’s hand bring him closer to the small cut on the guy’s neck. Seconds later, Soja was pressing his lips to the blood. Soja shut his eyes as he fixed himself to the wound.

A few minutes later, Kaden pulled him away. Soja resisted and wrapped his arms around the guy. Kaden suddenly yanked him and he fell to the floor. The guy slummed over the sink, the running water splashing into his hair. Soja licked blood off his lips.

‘Why? I was hungry,’ he spoke.

Kaden pulled the guy up and run his tongue over the now larger cut. Then let the guy slump back. He turned to Soja, who was getting off the floor. The male groaning had stopped now, replaced with the sounds of arranging clothes. Kaden grabbed Soja and dragged him out of the toilets just as a lock clicked open and a surprised voice rang out. They hurried out outside and into a porch area, where they watched the rain splashing into puddles. Soja caught his breath back and Kaden leant against the doorway of the fortune teller.

‘He tasted good,’ Soja said. The voice of the beast was layered within his own.

Kaden’s eyes flickered up at Soja. He’s skin was flushed and there was a sleepy expression across his face. Kaden knew they should leave.