Velvet Bag

She found the unusually velvet pouch at the bottom of her handbag whilst emptying it. It first she thought it was something she’d brought and forgotten about. Then she thought it was something someone had given her and she’d been in the normal hurry mode thus overlooking it. However, the more she turned the purple bag with the white star on one side and the drawstring neatly tied, the less she could recall about it.

It felt weighty and she took this as a sign that something was inside. Untying the knot, she opened the bag and turned it over, tipping out the contents on to the table amongst the other things from her handbag. There was a small bar of fudge, an empty vial labelled fairy dust and a blue twenty sided dice. She stared at the items confused. In a way these looked like a child’s trinket treasures, but they could easily have belonged to a teenager or adult.

In turn she picked up each item and looked more closely at them. Perhaps they held some answers? Instead, she felt herself moving further away from understanding them and in the end, she put them back in the bag and left them on the table. Shoving the rest of the items she wanted back into her handbag, she decided that really she had no time to be figuring mysteries out. What did it really matter where these things came from, who they belonged to and how they’d gotten in her bag?