Hard Day

She was tried, but at quarter past eleven it was too early for bed. Wrapping herself in a heavy blanket, she settled to watch some terrible evening TV shows. Sighing, she channel flicked and reflected on the difficult day she had, had. As a primary school teacher, every day was a mixture of fun and stress. She loved her job, but some days- like today- were just too hard.

Her ears were still ringing from all the noise during the music lesson. Her head was spinning about the maths and English homework she still had to mark. To make things worse Christmas was just around the corner and the rehearsals of the play hadn’t been going very well. Still though, what did people expect from a group of eight year olds acting out the nativity?

Her cat jumped on the sofa and rubbed against her. Pulling her arm out of the blanket, she petted him and let his purring fill the room. She glanced around the small flat, which was crammed and messy. She craved for a fire place and not just for added heat and light, but for the sound, smell and sight too. Right now, I could just disappear into the heart of a blazing fire, much like getting into a nice hot bath.

Instead, she’d have to make do with the TV. I am going to bed at nine, she told herself, that’s a good time right? Not too early or late. Sleeping will help. The cat began licking her and she realised that her hand had stopped mid-stroke. Laughing, she petted him some more, sweeping down his arching back and gently tugging his tail.

Maybe, I should have worked with animals instead? She shook her head, they are probably harder. No, no, the children are just fine and tomorrow will be a better day.  

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