An Unusual Occurrence

Mr and Mrs Platt had lived in the same house all their married life, which had now been forty years. They had raised three children, whom had now all left to lead their own lives. Though they had had their ups and downs like any married couple and family, there had never been any strange happenings within the house. They had never heard any complaints from their children about strange noises or sightings, believed to be monsters or ghosts or other such things, which had to be put down by themselves, the parents, as imagination.

Now though, they had started to notice something odd. Sometimes, when they left for a long period of time to stay with their children and grandchildren, or when they went on holiday, they would come back to find certain rooms in the house had been rearranged. The first time this happened, they came back to find the dining room table and chairs had been moved, as well as a vase on the window. Shrugging, they had put it down to the cleaner and put everything back in place.

However, when they returned from their next time away, things in the kitchen had been moved. They couldn’t blame it on the cleaner because it had only been a weekend away and there didn’t seem to have been a break in and nothing was missing. As they tided the spoons away which had been scattered on the floor, Mr Platt suggested they might have a pixie or some other sprite creature hiding out in their house. Mrs Platt shunned the idea and told her husband that such things didn’t exist.

The third time, Mrs Platt still refused the idea and silenced her husband as they tidied up the cushions in the living room and righted the photos. The fourth time, when they returned from a week away in France, their bedroom had been gone through. Mrs Platt phoned the police, but they discovered nothing. Also, as they began tidying, she found that nothing had been taken. Shoving her underwear back in its drawn, she heard Mr Platt putting clothes back in the wardrobe and she decided to bring up his suggest from months ago.

He suggested they set a trap next time they leave and see what happens. She thought it a silly idea, but allowed it to go ahead. Though, it was months before they had a long spell from the house again. When he finally got a chance to, the trap was undisturbed when they can back and the bathroom had been messed with.

Mrs Platt cried in vain that this had to stop and they had to find out a source and solution. Mr Platt didn’t know what to do, but suggested that they got exterminators in. For months afterwards, they could hardly live in the house, but even then the news came back that there seemed to be no infestations of any kind and no explanations for the rearranged rooms. The exterminators suggested a medium or ghost hunter. Mrs Platt almost fainted.

Still, they looked into that and had a number of ‘experts’ in, but none of them could find anything. It also seemed that the incidents had stopped, though Mr Platt pointed out that maybe that was because the house had not been empty for months. Mrs Platt hoped that was the end of it and she decided she needed a nice long holiday, somewhere hot with half a coconut to drink out of.

When they came back, they found that their back bedroom had been rearranged.

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