New Year’s Eve

Rose always made a New Year’s resolution every year as the clocks struck midnight and shouting voices filled the air. As the numbers came from her mouth, her mind rushed with everything she wanted to do that year. This time around it been a simple resolution; loss weight and write her novel. Though she was sure those had been on her list last year too.

She felt her boyfriend clutch her hand tightly, their palms already damp. They were gathered around the TV just like everyone else at the party was, welcoming the New Year in with rest of the country. The last number and chime faded together then everyone erupted into song, even though most didn’t know all the words.

At the end, as the fireworks in London went off on the TV screen, everyone was kissing, hugging and shaking hands. Voices rose in wishing each other all the best and Rose felt swamped by all the bodies. Grabbing, her boyfriend’s hand, she tugged him out of the room and into the bathroom across the way.

‘Hey,’ he laughed, ‘slow down.’

Rose locked the door and turned to him with a shake of her head, ‘Don’t get any ideas. I just needed some space.’

The corners of his mouth dipped and Rose rolled her eyes. She stepped over and kissed him. Letting her lips linger, teasingly him before she broke away. He wrapped his arms around her, swaying them gently, though she suspected that was because he was drunk all ready.

‘Did you make your New Year resolution?’ he asked in a husky voice.

‘Yep. Loss more weight and write my novel. What was your’s?’

‘Aww, don’t do that,’ he said and grabbed her bum, ‘I’ll miss this.’

She laughed and pressed her hands to his cheeks, ‘I’m sure that’ll be fine. I just want my stomach flatter. What was your’s?’ she repeated.

‘This,’ he replied and kissed her deeply.