Church (Chapter 2, Part 4)

Continued from Church chapter 2, parts 1, 2 and 3

The first sip of jasmine tea scolded my tongue. I swallowed quickly and decided to let the rest cool. Rain lent against one of the counters and I was left standing in the middle of the kitchen, unsure what to talk about or do. I studied her as she seemed in deep thought and not noticing my eyes. She was wearing dusty blue jeans and a black long sleeved top, which I hadn’t observed before. She was barefooted just like myself and she had tied her hair back. I couldn’t fully read her expression, but there was a slight line concern there and her lips were thin in concentration.

‘Do you want any more?’ she said after a few moments, ‘I might take the rest to bed.’

‘No, go ahead. Thanks.’

She smiled sweetly, ‘well, make yourself at home. See you later.’

Picking up the teapot, she left and as her footsteps faded, I suddenly felt very lonely. I walked out of the kitchen and onto the platform. The sunlight was defiantly fading and as I looked up at the gothic ceiling, I saw that the once bright blue sky was now a wash of colours.

Resting against the railing, I watched night fall across the garden and to my delight I found it just as enchanting as it had been in the daytime. Owls, bats and other nocturnal creatures appeared and called out to each other as they darted around. Night flowers opened and let a more powerful scent then before fill the air and there was still that sweetness from the rain before.

I drank the now fast cooling tea and when done went back in the kitchen to wash the cup and leave it there. Though the night time garden appealed to me, I decided to go into the bedroom Rain had given me and spend some time reflecting and resting. As I opened the door and stepped in, I found everything just as I had left it.

I cleared my things off the bed and went to place them on top of a cushioned bench, before realising it was actually a bedding box. Curiously, I opened it and find it full of things. Putting my clothes and sword on the floor, I opened the lid fully and knelt before the great chest. Inside were not only clean bedding, towels and multiple use robes, but paperback books, candles, cans of Coca-Cola, an unopened tin of sweets and four notebooks, all of which looked used.

I pulled these out and closing the chest, I sat down on top of it and inspected the notebooks. Two of them had the same brown fake leather covers and were chunky. Of the other’s, the first had a red paper cover and the second a black plastic one. Setting them next to me, I picked up the last one and flipped through the pages. Pencil and pen sketches flashed by; there was the ruined cathedral, the garden, flowers, rabbits, an owl, then Rain.

I stopped and stared. There was no mistaking the shape of her face and hair. I turned the pages slower and saw that they all had her face on them. The eighth page had the face of someone else; a young man, though it was badly drawn and the hand looked different from the others I’d just seen. Frowning, I turned the page and on the next was a quickly sketched scene of a graveyard, which was very map like. On the page next to it someone had written:

I do not wonder in darkness alone as your light shines out before me.

It was followed by a handful of blank pages.

I selected the red one and found it full of poetry and odd lines, which switched between English and other languages. My eyes skim read a few poems, but there didn’t seem anything in them, though they might have with closer reading. I set them both aside and turned to the leather bound ones. Flipping through them both at the same time, I found that they were diaries and going off the handwriting belonged to the same person.

Stopping, I picked up the first one and went back to the beginning. I felt a wave of excitement, but also guilt. I shouldn’t be reading someone’s private records, but they might have written about Rain. There was nothing on the first page nor the second, the writer had begun on the third page and it was dated June 2009 and opened with;

My Tribunus brought me to her secret plane today. It is a Paradise beyond paradises! I could not bring many ‘physical items’, as some don’t work here, so knowing my love for recording, she give me this special book, which allows the writing to pass through the time freeze and be stable. This place is full of power! I knew she was an element wielder, that is no great secret, but to be able to do all of this with it, I didn’t know that was even possible! 

I paused and glanced back at the other pages. In tiny handwriting in the top corner of the first page was the name: Lucius Canus. Company 9, Mestemalum. I didn’t know what that meant. Turning back again, I tried to focus my eyes on the page, but waves of tiredness came over me. Closing the notebook, I picked up all of them again and placed them on the bed.

Taking off my robe and letting gentle cool air caress my naked skin, I got under the silk sheets. I let my head slip onto the pillow and I reached out for a notebook, recognized the plastic black one and let my hand bring it before my eyes. This time I turned the pages slowly and looked at the drawings, under some with the letters RR. Most were pretty good and with fine details to them, but it was the sketches of Rain’s face which I lingered on.

I could tell that at first the artist had started out with basic lines and done a number of practices at the eyes, lips and nose. Then they had spent time, carefully trying to get the details right. The final drawing of her really showed all that practice and Rain’s face had been truly captured. Propping the notebook up on that page, I rested my head against the pillow and started to doze off.

‘Who are you?’ I whispered, allowing my fingers to touch her cheek.


Author’s Note:

Ever since I finished the first chapter of Church I’ve been very interested to continue it. Now, I’ve done that and chapter two has come to a close, I just want to carry on and find what’s going to happen to Blaze and Rain. I hope that you as the readers do too. I’m not sure if and when I will be posting the next chapter though, but if you are interested and let me know through likes/comments. Thanks so much for reading and supporting my writing, I really do appreciate it.

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