True Feelings About Winter

In winter Molly liked to hibernate. She loved sleeping in even though she had gone to bed early the night before. Somehow, it never felt like she could get enough rest and wake up refreshed. She enjoyed creating a nest out of all her clean bedding and surrounding herself with soft toys as if they were her family.

Best though, Molly relished her new pile of books from Christmas. She would reshuffle her shelf on the first day of the New Year and make plans on what to read. Then she would begin and devour each book as if it was a wonderful slice of her favourite cake. She found that the winter season give her the excuse to stay in and read, which the other seasons often didn’t.

Also, she cherished winter food. The bitterly cold wind, icy rain and snow blankets caused her to crave hot soups, stews, hearty meat dishes and warm gooey puddings. Luckily, Molly still lived with her parents and felt grateful for her mother’s cooking. There was just something about coming home from a long day at work and finding that her mother had slow cooked stew and dumplings. The heavy warm food smell hugged the air and drew her straight in from the cold.

Molly would find herself having endless hot drinks and wearing so many layers it was like she was on an artic trek. Really though, she was just trying to stay awake and get a nice level of warmth against her skin. The weekends were better for her, because she would find reasons to spend most of the day in bed. For her, there was no better place to be and with a book in her hands, there was no reason for her to leave and battle against the winter weather.