It’s Not Over Yet

It was the end of the month, not that she felt any better knowing that. The winter season was still heavy in the air and would be for another whole month or maybe longer if spring had to struggle against its icy grip.

Her diet had gone completely out the window, what with food being left over from Christmas and New Year’s, but also because she had been stocking up and having more hot meals.

Her bank account was the opposite of her stomach; dangerously low and causing her to spend more time looking for loose change when she cleaned up.

To add to this she always felt cold, even in her own home it seemed her body didn’t want to retain any warmth she carefully stole from the heaters. Going out was worse and she would find herself putting on leggings under jeans, putting vest tops under her long sleeve tops and a jacket over them, before heaving on her coat.

The only joy she found was snuggling down in bed, because at least her small attic room was always toasty hot. There she loved looking up at the night sky though the skylight window above her bed. Even if it was cloudy, raining or snowing, she would fall to sleep watching the stars, the clouds or the weather.

She never wanted to get up in the mornings as there seemed nothing to look forward too. Though now at least she could remind herself that spring and summer were just around the corner and soon she wouldn’t be so hungry, broke or cold.

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