There was just something about traveling on a bus that Daisy enjoyed, but she had never been able to pin down the actual reasons. Though, more than often the cons did outweigh the pros of public transport. Standing at the bus stop with her guide dog, Micah, Daisy’s mind wondered into thinking about those reasons why she disliked buses. Carefully, she counted them on her fingers and tried not to say them out loud, as was her normal habit.

Number one, you have to figure out which bus you want to your destination.

Number two, it’s guaranteed you always have to wait for a bus to show up.

Number three, most of the time the bus arrives later then stated.

Number four, buses like to show up in twos or threes.

Number five, making sure you have the correct amount of money in the right coins.

Daisy paused and tapped two of her fingertips to her lips as she thought. She came up with three more reasons and added them to the list. With a sigh, she petted Micah and leant against a low brick wall that boarded one of the houses that over looked the street. The main road before her was busy with a mix of traffic, but there didn’t seem to be a bus in sight. She repeated those last three to herself, whilst fiddling with the strap of her large shoulder bag.

Number six, bus drivers hide their moods and emotions well.  

Number seven, it feels like you only have a few seconds to choose a seat and sit down.

Number eight, sometimes you get bruises and your knees hurt.

Out of the corner of her one good eye, Daisy saw the distinct red colour of the bus. She went to the curb and kept her eyes focused on the bus number panel, which from that distance she could not figure out what it said. Becoming unsure, she stuck her arm out and watched the bus began to slow down. The numbers took shape before her and it was the bus she wanted. Could she get two more reasons and make it to ten before the bus stopped? She wondered.

Number nine, you never want to give up the seat next to you, but you end up doing so.  

Number ten, there’s always someone talking very loudly on a mobile phone or else someone playing music which you’d rather not listen too.  

The bus pulled up before her and Daisy moved back to avoid being hit by the wing mirror. The doors hissed open and she encouraged Micah to guide her on. She showed her pass to the bus driver and just about made out his slow nods. They walked down the small passageway and to the wheel chair and baby pram space, were there were fold out chairs along the wall. The seats behind the area were free, so Daisy sat there and let Micah sprawl out in the wheel chair space.

Rearranging herself as the bus eased off, Daisy backtracked and decided to come up with ten reasons why she liked traveling on the bus. For a few moments, she wasn’t sure where to begin, but as she got use to her surrounds she started a new count on her fingers.

Number one, traveling via bus can let you to get to places easier and faster.

Number two, you can do things which if you were walking or driving you couldn’t do.

Number three, listening into conversations happening around you.

She smiled at that last one and decided that was probably one of her favourite reasons. She had always loved listening to people talking. There was just something about the rise and fall of voices. It made her feel like she wasn’t alone. She felt Micah pressing his head into her lap and she scrubbed his ears. His soft, pleasant groaning and sighing made Daisy giggled. He also caused her to almost say out loud what her fourth reason was, but she caught herself just in time.

‘It probably won’t matter anyway,’ she said instead in a low voice.

Micah’s tail thumped on the floor a few times and Daisy rubbed his head harder. The chocolate Labrador was a slush and loved any sign of affection, even from strangers. Daisy fell back to her thoughts and came up with the next four pro reasons.

Number four, you can meet interesting people.  

Number five, the bus can cut through traffic more easily the majority of the time.

Number six, cheap. Well, when you take other transport into the count.  

Number seven, it can make traveling to new places more fun.

She stopped, feeling like the last two were not true enough reasons to make the list. She was running out of ideas though. The bell rang and Daisy looked out of the window and tried to figure out where they were. A few moments later, she realised the bus had only gone half a mile or so up the road from the stop she had gotten on. There was still awhile to go till the stop she wanted. Plenty of time to come up with the last three notions.

She pulled a few faces and had a deep think about what else she liked about buses. Micah seemed to be dozing off, but he was still being on the alert. Noticing that made Daisy suggest the next one;

Number eight, you can doze and light sleep on a bus.

‘I’m not too sure about that one. It doesn’t sound like a good idea to me,’ she muttered.

‘Are you alright, dear?’ an elderly woman’s voice came from a seat across from her.

‘Yes. Erm, sorry. I was thinking out aloud,’ Daisy replied turning her head to see the woman.

From what she could make out, she guessed that the old woman was over seventy and that she had a shopping bag trolley next to her. Her hair was white and she had on a big coat, also she was still staring. Daisy smiled at her and turned to Micah, who had on hearing her speak opened his eyes and looked about. She patted his head and told him he was a good dog. He licked her hand and wagged his tail.

Settling back, she looked out of the window and tried to keep a look out for the shapes of the buildings around the stop she wanted. Whilst, she was doing that the last to pros popped into her head.

Number nine, you can watch the world going by.

Number ten, other passengers are very considerate.

That’ll do. Maybe in the future I’ll come up some better ones.

Daisy then let her thoughts scatter on to other things until her stop finally arrived and Micah guided her off the bus.