Wooden Bridge In Deep Forest 2nd by AustriaAngloAlliance

I ran towards the bridge, laughter and the sounds of the woods filling my ears. My boots skidded to a stop just before the first wooden step and caught my breath. A tight pain in my chest was making it difficult for me to breath, so I placed my hand on top of the area and rubbed my skin. I shut my eyes and just listened to the noises around me. There were birds singing afternoon songs to each other in the sun dappled trees, a horse neighing in a field somewhere beyond the river and the voices of children.

Taking a few deep breaths, I opened my eyes and turned around, looking down the pathway I had just come from. I had expect him to be right behind me, but he wasn’t. Letting my hand fall to my side, were it automatically gathered the folded sides of my skirts up, I tried to stare around the tall trees and bushes that lined the path. Of course I couldn’t see anything through them. I quietened my breathing and tried to listen. He was probably waiting to jump out and scare me, a childhood game like we had often played.

Nothing happened, so I walked back along the path and every few steps I believed he would appear. A laugh, I had been trying to keep back, erupted from me and I stopped, but before I could call out to him, I heard a whistling behind me. Turning around, I saw him standing in front of the bridge. Sunlight spilling on his too blonde hair and making it shimmer. His face was slightly turned up to catch that warmth on his well angled jaw and cheek bones. His shirt was open and reveling the pink skin underneath.

I smiled and skipped back to him. He held out his hand as I got near and taking it, he pulled him into him. I laughed and draped my arms around him as he nuzzled into my hair. I had to settle my head on his shoulder and feel the warmth coming from him. I felt his arms tighten around me and his hands sliding down over the top of my skirts.

‘Is it really true what they say about you?’ I whispered, ‘are you a fairy Prince?’

He laughed and I felt the vibrations through me.

‘And if it was? What would you do, Miss Tilly?’ his husky voice asked in my ear.

He pulled me back and placed his hands on my cheeks. I looked him in the eyes, feeling determined that if he was not human I would see it there. However his sparkling blues reveled nothing other then joy to me.

‘I’m not sure,’ I answered carefully.

‘Then for you I will be,’ he replied seriously, but with a hint of laughed.

He took my hand and we walked up onto the bridge. The river rushed beneath us, tumbling over rocks and broken tree branches. I looked down and watched the turbulent waters, feeling as if I had reached the best moment in my life and not wanting it to end.

‘Once we cross the bridge,’ he said gently as his elbow brushed mine, ‘nothing is going to be the same. Do you still want this?’

I smiled, ‘of course. I don’t want anything else,’ I assured him and our lips meet in an eternal kiss.