Bad Day

Laying in the bath tub, Amy could hear the wind whistling outside. She sighed and lent back, letting the hot water swirl around her body. Drawing some satisfaction from the sensation, she watched the steam rising to the ceiling, before shutting her eyes. She relaxed and imagined floating away from her really bad day.

A soft meowing caused her to open her eyes and glance over the edge of the tub. A white paw was curling under the door, trying to latch claws into the corner.

‘Go away, Fudge!’ Amy shouted and sank back into the water again.

The cat meowed louder and from downstairs another cat replied.

Amy groaned and tried not to remind herself about why she hated house and pet sitting.

‘It’s easier then babysitting, more money and I don’t have to be homeless,’ she muttered.

Shutting her eyes again, her thoughts went straight to the two job interviews she had had today. Quickly, she tried to stop the tumble of images and voices, but it was too late. She slipped under the water and held the air in her lungs tightly. The thoughts vanished and she came up gasping for breath. Sweeping hair back from her face, she clutched the edge of the tub and tried to calm down.

Her eyes met that of a cat’s and she groaned. Fudge had somehow opened the door and sneaked in. He was sitting on the bath mat, watching her and flicking his tail in the air.

‘Please, just go away. I need to be alone,’ Amy stated in a soft voice.

She turned away, pressed her head to the back of the tub and tried to come up with a new plan of action. Seconds later, a padding of paws and a flash of white turned her head. Fudge was balanced on the edge of the tub, looking down at her. Instinctively, Amy covered herself as best she could and sat up slowly.

‘What do you want?’ she asked.

Fudge meowed longingly, tilting his head back as he did so, before fixing her with that green star once more.

‘Do you annoy your owner like this, huh? Cats don’t like water,’ Amy added and flicked a few drops at him.

Fudge froze and jumped down. Amy lent over and watched him padding away, ‘bye, Kitty,’ she called after him. She settled once more and tried not to focus on anything. Tomorrow was a new day and she shouldn’t let today’s problems affect it.

A tapping on the door made her turn and glance over, a few minutes later. She huffed and watched the door swing open. Fudge strolled into the bathroom, followed by the other two cats. He jumped up onto the window sill via the toilet and stared down at her. The other two cats followed him.

‘What is this? A peep show?’ Amy said angrily, ‘you cats are weird. What’s wrong with you?’ She scrambled out of the tub and snatched a towel from the rack as she spoke.

Wrapping herself up and grabbing another towel, she left and went into her bedroom. Closing the door, she pulled the desk chair up against it and sat down on the bed. She listened and was reward with meowing noises coming from the other side of the door.

‘Great. Now I’m running away and hiding from cats. My day did get worse after all!’


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