Searching through the kitchen cupboards, she found a handful of Christmas ‘treats’ that had somehow become half-buried under packets of noodles, rice and other dried foods. Tutting, she pulled out a packet of fudge, a mini stollen cake, a box of mince pies and a bag of chocolate reindeer shaped biscuits. Laying them out on the work top, she debated getting rid of them all. So far, her diet was going well, but knowing there was temptations about could upset that.

Gathering everything, she went over to the bin, then stopped. Couldn’t she do something better with this food other than just waste it? Turning back again and placing the things down, she thought about it whilst glancing around her kitchen. A colourful flyer caught her eye on the notice board and she remembered her church was looking for food donations this coming Sunday.

Smiling, she knew just what to do.