Vintage velvet beauties in the wild, what a wonderful scene - via Roomed

It was a surreal moment. One second, she was walking in-between the trees with her hiking boots crunching over dried leaves, twigs and pinecones. The next she was standing on a twisting pathway lined with armchairs and chandeliers dangling down from the trees. She paused and hooked her fingers around the straps of her hiking rucksack. Catching her breath, she wondered what was going on.

Slowly, she walked forward and went to the first chair. There was nothing unusually about the patterned fabric, though it did reminder of grandma’s old parlour chair. With steady fingers, she reached out and touched the arm. It felt damp and as she sniffed, she smelt the mildew and pine of the forest.

Frowning, she started to walk down the line and noticed how the armchairs were placed at different angles. Above the third on, a chandelier was hung. She stopped and looked up at the weak sunlight reflecting off the cut glass and creating a rainbow on the ground. A lazy breeze twirled the glass shapes around. Abruptly, she noticed the lights were on in the chandelier. Thinking it was just her, she backed up and looked more closely, but the candle shaped bulbs were defiantly lit.

Without knowing what else to do, she took her mobile phone from her pocket and began taking photographs. At least, she would have some visual proof when she got back to the B and B. Keeping her phone out, she walked up to the first chair and took a photo of everything together. Carefully, she looked around and listened, but she couldn’t see or hear anything different. Slipping her phone back into her pocket, she turned her back on the strange display and ahead back down the path.