A Writer’s Desk

Her desk was a mess. Scattered across the wide, but thin wooden surface were; pens, blank printer paper, files, notebooks, books, snacks and her manuscript. Sitting down, she looked for her keyboard and mouse, both of which had become buried under everything. Stacking everything to either side of the middle, she uncovered them and switched on the PC.

As loud whirling and the hum of the monitors filled the room, she shuffled though the stack items and decided she needed to make sense of the two piles, before she began any work. Pushing the broken wheeled chair backwards, she stood up and began dividing the items up.

The folders, notebooks, blank paper and her manuscript went on the chair. The pens went into the glass jar holder decorated with dried autumn leaves that she had made two years ago. Empty snack wraps into the bin and the other snacks to the storage basket tucked under her monitor stand. The books she split into three lots – dictionary, baby’s name book and prayer book went next to the basket. The second lot – Writers’ Yearbook, Writer’s Handbook and Creating Characters went back on the middle shelf of the small bookcase to her right. Lastly, Best New Horror and Angelography, she put behind her keyboard to be stacked to the side on top of the folders.

She picked up the three smaller files and the printer paper, putting them beside the keyboard. The finally file she put on her desk with her manuscript on top, then stacked the two novels on top of the other files. As her computer loaded, she got to work, feeling better now she had some physical as well as mental space.