Time Rips

In 2049 they discovered time travel, only no one knew about it until the time rips started happening six years later. No one could pin down the date or time of when they first one happened, but the most well-known one happened on April 3rd 2055. Maybe if it hadn’t happened in the middle of London and been instead in a sleepy Cornwall village, then perhaps it would never have been believed.

The news reporters recorded that over three hundred people – workers, residents, visitors- witnessed a large black line appear in the middle of Trafalgar Square and it seemed to slow open sideways. At first only darkness could be seen in the rip, but then people began to see the Square as it was in 1900. Blurred figures started to take shape until they became solid. People thought it was a trick or a mistake; a large projection to mark some event, but it wasn’t.

A man dressed in a black suit made up of a long jacket, waist coat and white shirt tie and top hat, walked out and across the pavement. People moved out of the way and watched him, thinking he was nothing more than a hologram. That all changed when a single horse and carriage stepped out. The brown horse tossed its head, leather reins slapping against his sides and snorted on a nearby woman. The carriage driver pulled the horse to a stop and stared around in confusion.

A child touched the horse before his mother could move him away and his delighted cries that the horse was real, had everyone cluster around and reaching their hands out. People commented that the carriage felt cold and damp, that the horse was soft, warm and had a heartbeat. The driver at first tried to wave them away, but as hands touched his clothes, he fall silent and seemed to realize that he was no longer ‘home.’

Then with the rip getting bigger, more people and horses came through. The Square seemed to shiver and began to take on the appearance of the 1900’s. A car horn blared and people turned to see one of the first cars driving through. Then our people began to walk through and their accounts are so detailed and numerous that it would take too long to write here. They all do agree though that they felt like they were in 1900.

The time rip lasted for about five minutes and then slowly disappeared. Despite the rumours afterwards, no one was trapped in the wrong era and everyone seemed to get back to normal. However, the hope was that this would never happen again, or else someone would stand up and say it was a stunt, but instead, they admitted to the time travel and actually began to record all the reported time rips.

They tried stop the rips by slowing them down and restricting them, but the rips started to become too numerous, random and lasting different lengths of time. Thus, making them too hard to contain and everyone just started to accept them as a part of life. For example, you could take your dog to the park, but when you get there find yourself wondering through an 1800’s cotton mill with a busy army of people. You could also wake up one morning and go to stand at a window which looks out across the city, only to see yourself in the middle of a desert with camels roaming around.

Now five years later, the time rips have become a part of everyone’s life. Machines have been invented that can predicate the arrival of a rip and also what year it is linked too. Teaching children about history and giving tourists a deeper experience, has been made so much easier. Of course, there are those people that are against the time rips and believe that they aren’t as good as everyone believes they are. Also, that the numbers of people being trapped and transported in the rips is being hidden by the government to protect everyone.

Despite all my research, I’ve not been able to find any truth about this. Yes, there are reports of people being trapped in a time rip and some of them have yet to make it back. Perhaps, that’s why I can’t find any evidence of any lasting effects from this or maybe we wouldn’t till after a longer period of time.