Mora opened the door slowly and peered out at the two young men on her doorstep. They were both wearing nice suits, carrying shoulder bags and had clipboards in their hands. Deciding that she couldn’t close the door in their eager faces, she tried to look more awake then she was. She swept her rebellious hair back, before giving up and returning to using the door as a shield to hide the fact she was wearing just a knee length night dress.

‘Can we talk to you about God?’ the taller one asked, cheerfully and with an American accent.

‘Do you believe in Him?’ the second one questioned with almost the same voice.

Mora nodded. She didn’t trust herself to speak as her voice would be groggy with sleep and her teeth un-brushed.

‘Did you know that following in His light can improve your life?’ the first man quizzed with excitement in his tone.

‘And that of His Son, Jesus Christ?’ the second man chimed in.

‘Do you believe that the governments and politicians are doing nothing for this world?’ the first pressed.

Mora ran her tongue over her teeth before replying, ‘they must be doing something.’

‘Has any of it bettered you or your love ones?’ he concluded.

She thought then shrugged, ‘I guess they have. But I don’t see how God can fix that. He can’t rule over everything can he?’

‘But He is the Ruler of us all. He is our Shepherd and we are His sheep,’ the second man corrected her.

‘I suppose,’ she replied thoughtfully.

‘You can read all about it in here,’ the first responded and handed her a small book.

Mora took it off him and read the title to herself; Who Is God And How Can He Help Me? Below was a drawing of a handful of confused looking people.

‘You can check out our website too,’ the second man stated and handed her a small card.

‘Thanks,’ Mora muttered.

‘We are also having a conference in Manchester, which everyone is welcome to attended. Can I give you a leaflet about that?’ he asked.

‘Sure,’ she replied with a sight shrugged.

He handed her a yellow sheet of paper and Mora looked down at it.

‘Well, thanks for your time.’

‘It was nice meeting you,’ the first cut in.

‘You too, Bye,’ Mora said and started to close the door.

The men turned and walked down her driveway and back onto the street. Sly, Mora watched them, then pushed her door too. She took the things they had given her back to her bedroom and got back into bed. Settled, she opened the book and began to read.

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