Clean Break

Lucy hung out the clothes washing, just like she did every morning. The sun was all ready shinning down, heating the gentle breeze. She spun the clothes line around and hung up the baby’s stuff on the other side. From the open doorway she heard the phone ringing. Tutting and shooting a look at Maddie dozing in her baby rocker, Lucy hurried inside. She picked up the phone, give the normal line of hello and her name but instead of a replying voice came a dead dial tone. She hung up and rushed outside again.

Maddie was further into her mid-morning nap and the breeze was dancing with the wet clothes. Lucy hung the rest of the things up then took Maddie back inside. Placing the baby in the open plan living room where the TV was showing a Friends re-run, Lucy headed into the kitchen. She loaded more washing into the washing machine- because having a two month old baby, a three year old princess, a seven year old artist and a highflying businessman husband equalled a never ending supply of dirty clothes.

Ticking another task off her list, she turned on the radio and set about cleaning the kitchen. She followed the circle of empting the dishwasher, putting everything away, loading the dishwasher, tidying up the worktops and kitchen table, cleaning every surface then mopping the floor. She hummed along to the songs she knew and was all done when Maddie started crying.

She went over and picked up the baby. It was changing and feeding time. Sighing and feeling weighed down by everything, she went upstairs and sorted out Maddie. After, she wrapped the baby up and rocked in her husband’s great grandmother’s nursing chair. Her eyes closed and she felt calmed by the rocking motion and warm baby.

Whilst, she dozed she decided that it wouldn’t be a bad thing if she agreed to her husband’s suggestion of finding a nanny/cleaner/home keeper person. Placing Maddie into her crib, she half closed the door and went into the study. There she turned on the computer and did a bit of dusting as the machine loaded.

She loaded the internet and after a few moments typed in a string of words which summed up what she was looking for. Lucy spent the rest of the day searching though websites and reading profiles. Finally, she decided to write her own job ad and post it up on a few different pages. Excitement grew inside her and she decided that she couldn’t wait to tell her husband and children. Finally, she could break free of the house chores.

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