Wave Swell (Part 1)

Crashing: Waves smash over the promenade wall  in Prestwick, Scotland, as the Met Issued issued amber and yellow weather warnings

The waves swirled around Colton and whacked their white foamy tops against his shoulders. He tread the seawater, trying to keep moving to stay warm more than anything else. A larger wave almost pulled him down, but he managed to keep his head up. Spitting out the salty water, he glanced around, but could see nothing.

The upturned lifeboat he had flung himself into at the start of everything was long gone. The waves had crushed it like a shark’s jaw and he had had to give into the stormy sea. He looked at the sky and decided it looked just like the sea, he was completely surrounded.

Paddling a little, Colton tried not to put a lot of energy into the swim. He knew from reading and watching things that he had to save his strength as much as possible. The water was cold, but he was growing use to it. He met a wave and was splashed across the face. He was half-tempted to wipe the drops away, but decided it was pointless.

Taking a few deep breaths, he tried once again to see if he could see anything, even the glamour of anything that would give him hope. There was nothing, just as he had notice when he’d look over the bow of the ship. Paddling again, he moved forward and after a few moments he thought he saw something.

Colton paused then began moving towards it, not sure what the tall grey blur was in front of him. A spark of hope drove him on and as he got closer he saw a structure. A small doubt called out that he was dreaming this, but another part of him urged him on. Fighting against the waves, he used his saved energy to actually swim. The waves as if realising that he was trying to escape, suddenly surged up around him. He struggled through and his shoes scrapped something.

He gasped in some wet breaths and tried to figure out what was under him, but he didn’t have the time because the waves were threating to drown him. He flung himself back into the swimming and after another round of growing waves, his hand touched a rough stone. Colton tightened his grip, placed his other hand beside the first and pulled himself up. The sea tried to drag him back, but he kicked it away.

He began to scramble up the rocks, deciding that this was just as hard as fighting the sea. Finally, he reached a flat surface and caught his breath. Looking below, he could see the waves crashing and swelling below him. Oddly, he believed the sea really wanted to come and get him. Somehow, the fact that he had survived had angered some force below the waves. He shook water out of his hair and looked up. To his dismay, he saw that he was on a ledge and he still had a while to go before he reached the top, if there was one.

Colton rested for a few moments and became aware he was shivering. He looked down at his cotton t-shirt and shorts. He could take them off, but they’d be useful for protecting his body during the climb. He tried to wring some water out of them then ran his hands over his face, arms and legs to get rid of the water covering them. He turned back to the rock face and began climbing it again.

He found lots of small holes which fitted his hands and feet that the sea had made over time. He climbed up and up, feeling aches in his hands, legs and back. When his shoulders went stiff he looked for a place to stop, but couldn’t see another ledge or big gap. He struggled on, trying not to think about his aching and scratched up body.

A few more steps up and his hand reached out for the next holding spot and hit hard grass. A small sound escaped him and Colton heaved himself up and over the top. Landing on his hands and knees, he kept his head down and took in deep breaths. He shut his eyes, squeezing out tears that had formed in the corners. He opening his eyes again and he looked at the dark wild sea grass underneath him. The sharp blades were digging into his sore knees.

He stood up, gathered himself and looked around. Below, he could hear the sea howling like a distressed wild animal. A grin lit his face as he realised his victory over the sea. Ahead of him, he could see the dark building looming out of the night streaked sky. With a burst of energy, he hurried forward, half-running across the grass clumps and stuck out rock tips. There was no gate, fence, pathway or driveway he could see and he was at the bottom of washed out grey stone steps before he knew it.

To Be Continued…