Trust (Part 9)

Brook was waiting for her with a boy who couldn’t have been more then twelve. Fern slowed her steps and came to Brook’s side. She looked down at the boy to avoid the annoyed look on Brook’s face. The boy had sandy coloured longish hair, large eyes and a toddler’s face. He was wearing denim shorts that looked too big for him and a dirty white t-shirt with a scenic sunrise on it. Fern couldn’t make out the faded words arching over the setting sun.

‘See, Kyle,’ Brook began, ‘she did want to meet you. Em, this is Kyle.’

Fern frowned and shot a look between them. Brook was expressionless, but the boy was looking at her in wonderment.

‘Erm….Hi,’ Fern spoke, breaking the awkward silence.

‘Hi,’ Kyle mumbled.

Brook lent down to the boy, ‘Remember what I said? Ask her real nicely.’

Fern felt a slight shiver across her arms. Images flashed through her mind about their next possible actions and badly she wanted to turn to Brook suggesting they leave. However, she couldn’t bring herself to do it. The hungry and urge for blood licked inside of her like a hot flush. She even thought she could smell the boy’s blood.

‘I want too….Can I please…touch your boobies?’ Kyle muttered to the floor.

Fern took a step back, startled and feeling on the verge of running away. She felt Brook’s hand grabbing her lower back and being her forward again.

‘We should go outside,’ Brook hissed then normally, ‘what do you say, Em? You’ll do it for a kiss won’t you? Isn’t he so cute?’

Fern shook her head slightly, but all ready Brook was steering her and Kyle outside. Desperately, she shot a look over her shoulder, hoping that someone was witnessing this and willing to stop it. Her eyes met the electric blue ones of Dacian. He was leaning against a 2p coin slot machine and rubbing a copper 2p between his fingers. His express showed a slight interested in what was happening, but he made no move to step in.

‘I can’t leave the arcade…’ Kyle’s baby voice called her back.

‘Here then,’ Brook said and knocked them both against the arcade’s outside wall.

Kyle looked at her and Fern saw a swirl of feelings in his eyes and face. He was eager, but also sacred at the same time. Fern went to bit her lip then thinking better of it, lent down to get level with him.

‘Hurry up,’ Brook urged.

Kyle brought up his hand, but Fern didn’t even wait to feel the touch of his fingers. Swiftly, she bent her head, aimed for his throat and sink her fangs into soft untouched skin. She heard Kyle gasping and his hands struggling against her. Fern wrapped her arms around him and held him still. She was aware of Brook hovering in the background then nothing more.

The blood tasted sweeter than the water she had drunk before. Warmth filled her and calmed her. She felt the last hour being swept away and the echo of a heartbeat mingling with the rolling ocean waves. Her body seemed to vibrate and strength flowed into her muscles. A small voice in the back of head tried to get her to come back to what she was actually doing, but she pushed it away.

A hand bit into her shoulder and voice spoke into her ear. She ignored it and carried on, the blood was too nice. She felt another body trying to wedge between her and the boy. She fought back by keeping her arms locked around him.

‘Fern, you’re going to kill him,’ Brook snapped.

No, no, I can’t let go!

Brook’s fingers tore at her own and worked their way under her’s. She felt her grip loosen. Brook pressed himself between them and shoved them a part. Fern felt the air rushing around her before the pavement slapped her bottom. She looked up dazed with a trickle of blood on her chin.

Brook had the unconscious boy in one arm, making it look like an end dance pose. Brook check him over, licked Fern’s bite mark then slipped back into the arcade with him. Gently, Brook lent him against the fortune telling machine.

Fern got up, feeling a stinging in her bum and hands. She licked her lips then rubbed her face before licking blood off her palm. Her eyes locked on to the boy. He was alive and she could hear his blood singing to her. It wanted her to come back, wanted to be in her mouth again. A moan escaped her. She stepped forward, but Brook’s hand grabbed her and tugged her away.

She tried to explain to him that the boy wanted to give her his blood and that it was okay. The words couldn’t form, instead she felt woozy and tried as if she had drunk too much wine. She felt Brook towing her behind him as they walked away. He was begging her to move faster, but she just couldn’t. Her vision was swimming, there was the sound of a raging waterfall in her ears and head. She felt on the edge of sleep and willing to give into it.

They stopped and Brook sorted them out into a better position. He wrapped his arm around her, holding her close and giving her support. Fern pressed her head into his shoulder and let him almost drag her away. Her feet scrapped and stumbled across the pavement and she wanted to tell Brook she was drunk. Instead, she burst into laughter which caused Brook to drop her.

‘Pull yourself together,’ Brook shouted.

Fern sprawled out across the pavement and laughed at the sky.

‘This isn’t good. This isn’t- shit, shit. Fern? Come on. We got to go!’

A laugh which sounded nothing like her own ripped through her. She couldn’t stop even though her stomach and sides were now hurting. She wanted to roll over to ease the pain and try to get up, but she just couldn’t.

‘FERN,’ Brook yelled and slapped her.

Pain flooded her face, the laugh chocked short and Fern gasped for breath.

‘Get up. We need to run,’ Brook commanded.

He pulled her up and forced her into a run. Fern still struggling to deal with what had just happened, clutched Brook’s hand tightly and followed behind him. She stole a glance backwards and saw Dacian leaning against a lamppost.