Water Man Part 1

The water trickled through his fingers. He flexed the digits, bringing some life back into them. He tried to grab onto something, but found nothing other than some pebbles. He raised his head all the same and looked around the forest. The trees rose around him creating a canopy that almost blocked out the blue-grey sky. Rain drops slowly fell off summer leaves which shook in a gentle breeze.

He struggled upwards with a groan and eased his aching body off the boulder. He sat down in the slow flowing river, collecting himself. The cold water lapped against his skin reminding him that he was naked. He looked around again, trying to figure out where he was and what had happened. Nothing came to him, not even his name.

Getting up, he felt like he was lifting the boulder too. His feet sank into small stones and sand on the river bed, but he kept his balance. Splashing through the water, he made it to the bank and sat down again. Exhaustion crippled him and he fall back into the grass. He looked up at the swaying tree branches and they soothed him into sleep.

When he came to again, the sky was darker. Night was settling in. He eased himself up and noticed that the grass had imprinted on his skin. He brushed himself off and pulled himself towards the river. Nothing had changed expect the time. He washed his hands and face, before drinking some of the water. It was cold and fresh.

Shaking his head, he glanced around and got to his feet. There had to be answers somewhere. Like Adam he began to walk in the forest. The daytime birds were finishing off their songs and the night time birds were taking over. The wind had picked up and he quickly became chilly. He came to a tall tree and stopped to press his hand to the trunk. The roots were tangle in the loose soil and he thought he could burrow under there till dawn.

The urge to go on made his feet move and he carried on following the river even though it was running in the opposite direction. In his head, he believed he must have drifted down the river and at least that fact might give him a starting point. He breathed in deeply and smelt the damp earth and trees. The ground felt good underneath him.

He noticed a waterfall up ahead and made for it. The water was lazy cascading down and it looked just as shallow as before. There was no way the water could have brought him here. Growling, he cast around and did a little pacing. He rubbed his forehead feeling the start of a sharp pain there. He must have gotten into the river and lay down on the boulder. Unless, his mind ticked over and his hand felt the damp ground, the river had been higher days ago.

He sat down, the thoughts over taking him and his head pounding with pain. There had to be answers somewhere, he was just looking in the wrong place.

To Be Continued…


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