The Swim Date

Dan still couldn’t believe he was doing this. He was sitting in the leisure centre’s small café, his hands almost touching the paper cup of coffee before him. Opposite sat the massive woman, or Nat. She too had coffee, but her hands were in her lap. Dan smiled at her and wondered where to take to the conversation too. He watched Nat fix her hair again.

‘Bit of an odd place to have a first date,’ Dan said.

‘It works for us though,’ Nat replied, ‘did you go swimming this morning?

‘No, I went to the gym. You?’

‘I slept in. Guess I was nervous about this.’

Dan nodded, he could relate to that.

‘So do you have a job?’ Nat asked.

‘I’m just a company monkey,’ he replied, ‘It’s a loans company and I just work in the office, making reports for the bosses. It’s dull. What about you?’

‘I’m a child minder and I work part time at a nursery.’

‘Never been my area, kids. All my friends seem to have ‘em, but its’ not really for me.’

‘I can’t have them,’ Nat burst out.

‘Oh, I’m sorry.’

‘It’s okay.’

Dan paused, letting the subject drop before he spoke again, ‘so what do you like doing?’

‘Many things,’ Nat replied, ‘I like arts and crafts, movies, music, books. What about you?’

‘Similar. I like sports and my car.’

Nat giggled.

Dan took a sip of his coffee and felt his tongue burning. This is bad, why did I agree to this?

Nat smoothed out a white t-shirt with butterflies and rested her arms on the top. She could feel this whole thing slipping apart. Well, she’d not really expected him to say yes, so… taking in a deep breath and letting it out, she thought about what else to say.

‘Do you have a car?’ Dan asked.

Nat shook her head, ‘I can drive though and I’m saving up for one. Do you have your own house?’

‘It’s a two bedroom apartment with a nice view over the city. What about you?’ Dan asked and braced himself for her reply.

‘I have a house.’


Dan’s mind suddenly began spinning with questions and possible answers.

‘I inherited it from my parents when they moved to Spain. I pay them rent,’ she added.

‘Cool. You live there alone?’

‘Yeah, but only for the last few months. My best friend moved out and went to live with her boyfriend in Rochdale. Before that there was my ex-fiancé…things really didn’t work out with him,’ Nat added.

Dan raised his eyebrows and looked puzzled at her. He took another sip of his coffee and waited for her to go on.

Nat sighed, ‘everything was perfect. But then he had a break down and went completely off the walls. He called it off and moved out. I’ve not seen or spoken to him in five years. I still have no idea what really happened. Guess I’ll never know.’

‘Sounds like a jerk,’ Dan mumbled.

Nat pursed her lips and stayed silent.

‘You know what? I’d like to meet you again. Maybe we should go out for a proper drink next time though?’

Nat smiled and nodded, ‘Sounds a good idea to me!’


The Swimmer

As Dan swam another length of the swimming pool his mind began to empty. It was too early for much cohering thinking and his body was running on auto. The splashing and movement of water had become a backdrop as well as the other people that surround him. For a fleeting moment, he prayed to have a pool all to himself then he shut his eyes and swam on.

Completing another lap, Dan grabbed the cool lip of the pool’s edge and let his feet rest on the bottom. He scrubbed his fading tan face and pushed back his short black hair. Bobbing in the lapping water, he watched a massive woman stepping down the ladder. He give thanks that she was in a covering swimming costume that safely hide much of her bum and belly.

He watched her get in and some of the water escaping out as she did so. Her boobs were so huge his eyes couldn’t help but be guided towards them. She turned and smiled at him. He quickly, smiled back then twisted away. Had she seen him staring? He couldn’t tell. He looked across slyly and saw her start swimming away using the frog technique.

He grinned and leaving her be, looked around at the other swimmers whilst he caught his breath back. The only other person in his lane was a very attractive young woman. Her blonde hair was tied back and she had on a sports swimming suit. Dan admired her, but had overheard that she was married.

In the fast lane to his left, two old timers were racing it out. Perhaps they had both been swimming champions and now, still addicted, they came every other morning to battle it out. The problem was, Dan always noted, that they looked like shrivelled up conkers in the water. With that image in mind, he couldn’t take them seriously.

In the slow line to his right alongside the massive woman, were a withered granny, a fat twenty-something man and a middle-aged woman. Dan watched them all swimming in the large oval shape that the pool signs demanded. He tried to switch his mind off again, but now it was too wake and couldn’t help but think dirty thoughts.

Shoving them away, he took a deep breath and got swimming again. As the water raged around him, he thought about the presentation he was giving at the boss’s meeting today. Had he made it interesting enough? It was bursting with facts that was for sure! He swam another few lengths then did a last slower one.

Ducking under the lane rope, he headed for the ladder when a shy female voice called to him.

Dan turned expecting to see the sporty woman or the middle-aged one, since the voice was clear not old. Instead, though the massive woman was standing behind him.

‘Yes?’ he asked politely.

‘I was just wondering if you’d like to have a drink with me sometime,’ she said softly.

Dan had to lean into catch half of the words as she seemed so quiet, ‘Well….Erm…’

‘Not today of course,’ she spluttered and looked at the water.

Dan saw her cheeks blushing. He shot a look at her heavy chest, ‘Sure. Why not.’

‘Thanks. See you soon,’ she rushed and went back to swimming.

Shaking his head, Dan got out of the pool and went to get dressed. Was he crazy? Maybe…