The Abandoned

She was lost again. Wondering down the hospital corridor, she waited till she got to the end then stopped. Loosely clutching teddy, she looked at the filthy grey walls and tried to figure out where she was. Turning first to the left then to the right, she looked up both the long corridors. They were lined with closed green peeling doors, too many to count. She looked down and saw her dirty bare feet and lower legs sticking out of the hospital gown.

‘Mama?’  her voice shouted and echoed three times  before fading into the darkness.

She hugged teddy and felt a wave of cold air, that chilled her skin, drift passed.


‘Hello? Hello?’ returned the echo.

‘Mama? Where are you?’

You? You?’ the words blew into her ears like the beats of a heart.

She wiggled her toes, counted them and recalled the little pigs song. She hummed it, filling the silence. Looking both ways again, she decided to head back the way she had come.