Christmas Tree

He went into the pine forest with a large axe over his shoulder. His breath clouded before him in the early winter evening. His boots crunched over freshly fallen snow, leaving behind prints that would be covered by the morning. He took his time in the dying light to select the right young tree. Shaking snow off the one he’d picked, he then swept the fallen snow aside as much as possible. He took a few practice swings with the axe before the first true blow hit.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Tree

  1. Thanks. I kinda do too. I got the idea from seeing that my next door neighbor had hired someone to cut back some trees at the back of our joining gardens. I always feel sad at seeing trees being cut down. It’s so wrong.

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  2. Oooh … good. I’m glad you both feel the same way. I felt like saying ‘murderer’ out loud! Poor tree 😦 Great piece that you’ve made us feel toward the victim tree in such few words. That is brilliant writing my friend!

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