Dear Diary #17

Dear Diary,

It’s the start of a new year and I’m still drunk. It must have been about five am when I got home and god the taxi must have been expensive. Though, I might have brought some wine and other stuff before going to Alex’s, but I really don’t remember.

What I do remember is that we all had a great time and no one ended up in hospital like last year. I think Sophie threw up on the stairs just before eleven then fell down them. At least I think it was her. It could have been Sammy, she’s never been a good drinker. Whoever it was seemed fine though. The last thing I remember was counting down to midnight and standing in the drizzle watching fireworks.

My new job starts this Monday now, meaning I’ll have broken two years of unemployment and the dole. Hopefully, I’ll break my third year single status too. I wanted that to be my New Year resolution. The only reason I remember what everyone’s was, is because Alex wrote them down and give everyone the list.

Mine caused arguments because most of the girls said finding a boyfriend wasn’t a resolution and it had to be something you wanted to give up. Penny and Lucy were in my corner and agreed that the resolution didn’t have to be like that anymore and could be a goal you want to achieve. In the end, I changed it to stop buying large amounts of clothes that I don’t wear and stop wasting money, which I now need to save up to buy a car with.

Alex and Sophie had as theirs; to go on a diet and loose like a quarter or half of their current weights. I never understand that one because they both look skinny anyway and no one ever really sticks with it. Sammy said she was giving up drinking for the year. Penny was giving up chocolate, which is one I could never do and really I don’t see her being able to do it. Lucy’s resolution was to plan her wedding as Dan had asked her on Christmas Eve.

Some of us said she couldn’t have that, but she and the bridesmaids to be –who just happened to be Alex, Sophie, Sammy and Becky-voted it was allowed. I did try to use that to argue the case for my boyfriend one, but it didn’t work. The last two on the list,Becky and Krystal both decided to quit smoking.

Anyway, I’m still keeping finding a boyfriend on my personal list. Maybe, I can find an okay dating website to join?



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