Wolf Dreams

Wolf, By, Trees, Kahl, Aesthetic, Wing, Water, Fog

Eva was in the forest, standing in the rain. The patter plopping of rain drops falling off the leaves was the only sound to be heard. For a few seconds she wondered why she was here, but then Eva saw the black wolf detaching from the shadows. Yellow eyes flashed at her like two search beams as he drew closer. She noticed the large black feather wings rising from the hunching shoulders, brushing the low hanging leaves.

Eva hugged herself, feeling sweat breaking even though her breath had started to mist. The wolf came to stand before her, his tail low and head held high to look up at her. She held her breath, trying to remember if it was only bears you shouldn’t look directly into the eyes of.

A strange twisting feeling hit her stomach. Eva cried out and doubled over. Her vision swim and the forest floor danced before her. She fell to all fours before the wolf and felt her body changing. She was sure she could hear bones and muscle tearing and reforming, but the screams coming out of her deafened everything else.

Eve collapsed on the floor, shaking and sweating. Her eyes rolled up and everything went black. When she finally came too again, the view around her had changed. She blinked and looked up. The trees had grown huge around her and the soil felt softer and colder under her. She got up and realized was no longer herself. She twitched her damp black nose and flicked her ears and tail. Her back felt heavy and she turned to see white wings sprouting from her back and draping on the floor.

She looked at the wolf. He looked back at her then turned and walked away. Stretching, Eva padded after him and disappeared into the darkening forest.