At The Gym

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From the second Matt saw her walking through the door he couldn’t help but stare. Her boobs were huge, like HUGE. He slowly lowered the weights he had in his hands and tried to act normal as she stepped across the gym floor.

He noticed she was wearing loose black jogging pants, which did nothing for legs and bum. Though the light pink vest top she had on was a different story. He could see the large roundness of her belly and the tops of those awesome looking boobs. Her face, which he caught only for a few seconds before she vanished behind the cloth screen, was softly rounded and she had short light brown hair.

Turning back to the weights, Matt tried to get his mind back to his work out. As he bent his knees and prepared to lift, he wondered why he hadn’t seen her here before. He tightened his hands and fingers on the warm metal and raised the weights steadily upwards. Prepares, his mind suggested, she was new? Maybe she’d had a baby or was getting ready to be married.

Lowering the weights, he chased those thoughts away. Snagging his small towel, Matt wiped his face and hands. He grabbed his water and took a few gulps. Closing the safety seal of the bottle, he wandered passed the exercise bikes and around the screen which separated the room. To his left now were a line of blue seat machines used for arm and upper body muscles whilst to his right were the treadmills.

A few people were busy using the machines or running, but Matt couldn’t see her. Frowning, he took another mouthful of water. Maybe she’d gone up to use the women’s only room? He went back to the weights, but came to stop as he saw her mounting one of the exercise bikes. He told himself to move, to not stare, but he got a lump in the throat as he saw her start to peddle.

‘Are you all right?’

The voice brought him back. Nodding to the gym staff man and went towards the bikes. Matt picked one down from her and dumped his things into the cup holders on either side of the screen. He fixed the seat height and got on. Pressing start, he selected some random scenery on the screen and began peddling.

Stealing glances at her, Matt saw she had headphones in and seemed to be bopping along to the music. On her screen, was a similar forest scene to his own. She leant over to hold the top bike handles and he had to stop himself from taking in a deep breath. Her boobs bounced with the rhythm of her peddling. They seemed to swing around, threating to break free of the vest top and whatever bra/s she had on.

Matt shut his eyes and tried to squeeze his legs together on the seat. An image of those bouncing boobs above him flashed into his mind and he had to open his eyes. Desperately, trying not to look, he finished his ten minutes then climbed down from the bike. He grabbed his stuff and walked off.



Cass clocked him straight away as she walked into the gym. He was a tall, well-muscled man lifting weights in the corner next to the blue mats. Looking around, she saw all the machines she wanted to use were full and she didn’t feel ready to go on the treadmill. Walking through anyway, she looped back around to the bikes. Selecting one, she set it up and got on.

A minute or so later, he joined her. Sneaking a few peeks, Cass started to believe he was watching her. Concentrating on her music helped and she fixed her eyes to the rolling landscape on the screen. However, the feeling of being watched didn’t go away. He wasn’t that bad looking with his short black hair, high forehead, long cheeks and thick lips. He was wearing blue shorts and a loose grey t-shirt which was patched with sweat.

Finishing her ten minutes, Cass looked over at him, perhaps to catch his eye, but he had vanished. Sliding off the bike and picking up her IPod and water, she walked back to the machines and spotted him on a treadmill. Without really meaning too, she selected the waist muscle machine and sat down. Her eyes were almost opposite his bum.

She thought about moving, but then decided not to be silly. She did twenty reps then moved onto the chest machine. Pushing her large boobs against the thick pad in front of her, she tried not to let the grunt escape her mouth. She clutched the bars and began moving her arms up and down. Twenty reps went by in her head and a slight muscle burning sensation tingled along her arms.

Getting up, she went on the treadmill directly behind her, which was one down from him. Being careful to avoid his eyes, which she was becoming painfully aware of, she started up the treadmill. Setting to a fast walk, she looked out of the window and to the swimming pool. A class was just finishing up in there. She tried to make out the clock on the wall across the pool, but she couldn’t see the lines that made up the numbers.

Ten minutes later, she got off the treadmill and looked over. He had vanished again. Sighing, she gathered her things and left. Cass headed to the dry changing rooms, where she collected her things before going into the wet changing rooms. There she switched into her grey, pink and black swimming costume. Putting her stuff into a locker, she stepped out into the swimming pool.

Getting into the lurk warm water and starting to swim, he was all Cass could think about.  Had he really been watching her all the time? Everyone stared at her, but there had been something about him…She shook her head and spat out some water that had leaked into her mouth. Stretching her fingers out, she touched the cold tiled deep end of the pool. Turning, she tread water then kicked off and swam back again.

She was use to the long looks and stares now. It didn’t bother her and she just got on. Cass moved across slightly to avoid an older woman and she felt the small waves hitting her side. She tried to turn her thoughts away and empty her mind, but still for whatever reason, that man wouldn’t leave her head.

Letting the water wash over her, she wondered if she’d ever see him again.