Country Life, Farm Gate, Countryside

Standing at the gate, Harry thought of what could have been. The long grass and wild flowers swayed in the meadow as the wind picked up again. He rested his bare arms on the paint peeling wood and wished he’d brought a jacket. He heard what sounded like soft childish laughter¬†and quickly looked around.

Not seeing anyone, he returned to his thoughts. Like ghosts rising up, Harry saw an image of his boyhood self running across the field. Behind him, appeared a blonde haired girl in a blue summer dress. They disappeared into the too tall grass, laughing loudly.

Shaking his head, Harry tried to turn away and leave his past alone again, but something held his gaze. In one of the low branching trees close by, a pink ribbon was fluttering. He moved to retrieve it then thought better of it.

Staying at the gate, he thought about that lost childhood love.