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Shaking her head at the bad weather, Penny reached for her umbrella next to the coat stand. The space the bright pink, frilly brolly normally sat in was empty. Penny withdrew her hand and wondered where she could have left it. An odd sense of panic began to fill her then she remembered it was in work in her locker.

Growling at herself, she put on her winter coat and opened the front door. The strong wind, threatened to snatch it out of her grab, but she held on and managed to close the door again. The rain washed down and she felt drenched all ready. Cursing the ‘April showers’, which felt more like Autumn weather, Penny darted for her car, making a mental note to collect her umbrella later.

2 thoughts on “Umbrella

  1. I hate when you leave your umbrella somewhere. Then I have multiples, so I rarely run into that problem. What’s even worse is when your umbrella can’t handle the wind, so despite the fact that you have an umbrella with you, you still get soaked! argh!

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