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Something had happened. He wasn’t sure what, but as the motorway traffic came to a stop, he knew it couldn’t be good. As the drivers around him turned off their engines, he opened all the windows, before doing the same. A warm, spring breeze blew in carrying the scent of newly blooming flowers and grass. He took a few deep breaths and wondered how long he was going to be stuck here in this queue.


Plane, Decayed, Airplane, Decay, Weathered, Abandoned

(Continued from Obsolete)

April wasn’t sure how she even spotted the remains of a B-17, but as she scrambled up the top of a what had once been Boeing 747, she had seen it. Digging her binoculars out of her rucksack, she focused on the World War Two American Bomber plane.

It was laying in the distance on it’s belly. Its green war paint faded by the hot desert sun. April lowered the binoculars and began mapping a way over to it. Below her, the sound of voices and working rose and fell as the rest of the crew got on with removing anything useful.

Feeling the heat growing across her feet, April climbed down the ladder, that someone a long time ago had left balanced on the mighty wing. Carefully, she then climbed though a large gash of ripped open metal beside the wing and entered the plane. Where rows of seats had once covered the floor was now a vast empty space. Wires danged from the ceiling, there were large gaps on the wall, the floor and ceiling, were things had been removed. Small piles of sand, blown in during a storm lingered in corners and holes. The air was warm, stale and dry.

April looked around and spotted Trigg sitting on the floor in a tangle of wires. She walked over, feet clomping loudly and came to a stop before him. He looked up.

‘I’ve just spotted something and I want to go and take a look,’ April said through her mic.

‘Something better then this disaster?’ Trigg asked.

‘Yes. It’s quite far out. Likely not have been touched.’

Trigg give up detangling the wires and stuffed them all into his rucksack. He stood up and went over to Gun with April following him. The mountain of a man, made even more bigger by his safety suit, was removing a sink and plumbing from a tiny bathroom.

‘Hey,’ Trigg called out and tapped Gun on the shoulder. ‘April’s seen something and thinks its worth a look.’

Gun turned and through his mask, eyed the two kids. He turned his mic on and his soft, rumbling voice filled both their ears. ‘Sorry, but this was the target. You know we only have a small window before nightfall. Best to stick with the plan. Mark it down though and maybe next time we could check it out…’

‘Okay fine,’ Trigg said. He grabbed April and dragged her away.

Heading back to the large metal gash, which looked like a giant had ripped into a tin can, the other crew ignored them, deep in their work. Letting go of her hand, Trigg stepped out onto the wing and waved April to follow him. Stealing a glance back, she did so.

‘Where is it?’ Trigg whispered.

April looked out, trying to recall the shapes of the planes she had seen from above which had been before the B-17. Though there were too many metal skeletons blocking the view. She looked at the ladder and the smooth top of the Boeing 747, wondering how fast she could climb up and map the way again.

‘What was it anyway?’ Trigg asked.

‘A B-17,’ April muttered back, ‘I could make it. I spotted it with my own eyes, it couldn’t have been that far away,’ she said to herself.

She reached out of the ladder, but Trigg stopped her, ‘try to remember for next time. It’s too late now. Look.’

April turned her head and saw that the bright blue sky was fading. In half an hour, it would be pitch black out here. There was no time. April let go of the ladder and felt the excitement fading away. A part of her wanted to disagree with Trigg and demand they head off, when were they going to get another chance now she had spotted it? The thought of an untouched plane, full of useful things just waiting for them, was too much.

She looked at Trigg and even though the masks, she knew he was thinking the same thing.

‘It’s too risky,’ he said at last.

April opened her mouth, but was cut off by Gun over the mic calling them all back together. It was time to leave. Sighing, she ducked back inside the plane and saw the other men slowly gathering together. They were finishing up collecting scraps and packing them away with their tools.

After a few minutes of waiting and Gun double checking everyone, they left and went down to the desert floor again. April had a few looks over her shoulder, but could see nothing but the closet towering planes. Walking more slower then before, they reached the shaft as the darkness settled on the plane graveyard once more.


Aerospace Storage, B-52'S, Bombers, Military, Jets

April pulled the mask down from her face and took a deep breath of dry, hot air. Small, loose strands of her dark blonde hair escaped and brushed against her red round cheeks. Her sharp blue eyes scanned the abandon desert scape, taking in the metal shells that had once been aeroplanes. She heard the sound of sand grains gritting across each other and the plane hulks, but beside from that there was nothing else.

Taking in another forbidden breath, April began to climb down the outside of the tunnel shaft. Gripping tightly on with her gloved hands and focusing on the pale grey concrete surface framed between the rungs, she went down, slowly. The rusty ladder creaked, but held her too small nineteen year old body weight as she placed foot after a foot on each rung. She glanced down at the last few steps and thought about jumping. The image of Cal twisting his ankle last time quickly changed her mind.

Her heavy metal and leather boots hit the sand, causing a small dust cloud. She turned and pulled her mask back on. The planes, which hadn’t seem so daunting from ten foot above, now took on a different form. They rose above her and April felt threatened by their giant emptiness. She sidestepped and wiggled out of the rucksack that was too tight on her back. Holding it, she looked through it and checked the items inside.

Above her, came the sound of more boots clumping on metal. April looked up and saw through the cloudy protective screen, two people standing on top of the shaft. One waved to her then began descending. April waved back. Dropping her eyes back to the inside of her rucksack, she made sure, for what had to be the hundredth time that the tops of her water canteens were on. Feeling they were, she fastened the straps and slung the backpack on again.

Not wanting to look at the decaying planes, April watched Trigg, who was the same age as her, came down the ladder. He was fast then she had been, more confident in his feet. Soon, he was beside her and they were staring at each other through the cumbersome masks. She watched him press the mic button and heard his voice hissing in her ear.

‘You took your mask off, didn’t you?’

‘Just for a few seconds,’ April responded back, ‘it doesn’t do any harm.’

Trigg shook his head, ‘beside from the fact that everyone is going to know. I can see it fogging up from here!’

She sighed deeply and looked away as he tugged off his rucksack.

‘I’ve a got demister…somewhere,’ Trigg muttered.

‘Joe’s almost here,’ April pointed out, watching the older man coming down the ladder.

Trigg held out a small plastic bottle with a spray top on it. April quickly took off her mask and let him spray it. She held her breath.

‘Problem?’ a voice crackled through the speaker.

‘No,’ Trigg replied back, ‘just condensation. April was breathing too hard.’

April bit her lip and held back a nasty reply. She put the mask on and took a deep breath of filtered air. Looking out her vision was now clear. She focused on the planes, disliking herself for it, but knowing she couldn’t meet Trigg’s or Joe’s eyes now.

‘You okay?’ Joe asked.

‘Yes. It was nothing,’ April said quickly.

Trigg reached out to pat her shoulder, but April dodged him and began striding across the sand. She left deep footprints behind as she approached the first plane. It was a small two person craft and looked like it had been over salvaged all ready. April remembered it from last time and walked past it.

Over the intercom, Trigg called for her to slow down, but she ignored him. Gun was the leader on this mission and the only person April planned to fully listen too. However, he had been late and so was the last to come up. Plus, she was the only woman on this eight man crew. So, she had to stay strong.

Coming to stop beside a discarded plane wing, April turned and saw Trigg and Jo trailing behind her. In the distant, there were two figures standing at the bottom of the ladder, another two at the top and one man climbing down. She looked away, out across the plane graveyard and wondered what they’d find today.


To Be Continued…

Nurse Part 2

Nurse, Woman, Person, Girl, Syringe, Injection, Shot

After handing a pack of new bed socks to the vampire, Head Nurse Cassie decided to check on the other vampire. She couldn’t remember which one Will the elf had said was being discharged tonight, but the second vampire looked in worse shape. As she entered the room, he was laying in the bed, with the blue woolen blanket folded down to his stomach and his head  propped up on pillows. He was looking out of the window with sad, almost empty eyes.

‘Hello,’ Cassie said and grabbed the clipboard notes.

The vampire didn’t reply.

She reminded herself of his name, Princes Luton from what was now Denmark. He had been found almost died in a car park three nights ago. He had been attacked by werewolves or shape shifters or something else with huge teeth and lots of dark fur.

‘How are you feeling?’ Cassie asked.

‘Fine,’ he replied sadly.

Seeing that he had only been checked less then ten minutes ago, she put the clipboard back and crossed the window. Outside the wind was blowing a small tree and some bushes that formed a small garden in between the hospital buildings. The sky was very dark blue almost black color with a touch of white dotted stars.

Cassie opened the window and felt the wind on her fur. She heard the vampire take in a deep breath. He sighed the breath out deeply then took another one. She turned back and saw he had shut his eyes.

‘If you are feeling better later, you could possible go out in a wheelchair,’ Cassie told him.

‘Maybe…’ he said.

‘Let me know if you need anything. Your blood is coming soon.’

The vampire mumbled a thanks.

Cassie left him, closing the door behind her and went to check on everyone else which as the rest of the patients were settling down to sleep, was quick and easy. Going back to the desk, she found Harriet Hippo on the phone and the other nurses getting on with other tasks.

Sinking into the other chair, she thought about phoning the doctors’ office and seeing when the vampire doc who was scheduled to visit the ward might be due. Picking up the other phone, she thought it might be a bit pointless as no one ever knew, but still…Cassie dialed and waited.

When the office receptionist picked the phone up, she put her question in, but just as she had thought, no one knew the answer and of course if there was an emergency it might change things. There were only three vampire doctors on tonight and two were doing the ward rounds.

‘Is it an emergency?’ the receptionist asked in a clip tone.

‘Not really,’ Cassie said,’how many do the docs have to see?’

‘About thirty are on the list,’ came the reply, ‘of course, they’re not all vampires. There are some half-vampires, two owls, a boogie man, three shadow figures, some ghosts -‘

‘That’s fine, thanks,’ Cassie cut in and hung up.

‘So, you don’t think the Prince is very good either?’ Fenchie spoke out.

Cassie opened her mouth, ready to tell the nurse gnome off for over hearing, then decided there was no point.

‘He’s lost a lot of blood though,’ Pepper chipped in, her arms full of supplies.

‘Yes, well,’ Cassie finally got in, ‘I think he might be depressed. Compared to the Lord, he doesn’t seem to be recovering mentally.’

The buzzer for the door rang and Cassie answered it with a quick hello.

‘Food delivery,’ came a man’s tried voice back over the intercom.

Cassie buzzed him in and a few seconds later heard the wheels of a trolley along the floor. She stood up and watched the man knocked on the door of the first vampire then let himself in. Leaving her nurses to their duties, Cassie followed the delivery man in. Stopping in the doorway, she watched the Lord receiving his breakfast and quickly drinking it from the bag.

‘I’ll come with you to the next one,’ Cassie said and got a grunt from the seemingly human delivery guy.

Heading down the doors and opening the one to the Prince’s room, Cassie was glad to see him still in bed. There had been too many nights with different patients were they had left via an open window. Taking the blood from the human, Cassie set up the drip.

‘Unless you feel you can drink it?’ she asked.

The vampire shook his head.

Hooking him up, she left wondering what the doctor would say when they got here.


Nurse, Woman, Person, Girl, Syringe, Injection, Shot

It was the start of the night shift on the hospital ward. Head Nurse Cassie looked at the list of patients on the board behind the desk. Next to the bed numbers and the names were initial letters written in red. She transferred them into words and counted the different creatures that were actually in the rooms.

There were two vampires, three werewolves, a pixie, five witches, a warlock, a demon and a shape shiftier. Cassie then read the next lot of information attached to each name which stated why they were here and who their doctor was. Nothing had changed from last night. With that refreshed in her head, she turned to the messy desk left by the day staff and began trying tidy it up.

Around her, drifted the low muttering of voices from the patients and the nurses. Though she couldn’t hear any actually words. The movement of furniture, TV shows and a phone ringing added to the background. Cassie smiled and felt herself settling in for the night. Pulling over the wheeling desk chair, she double checked her long brown tail was tided out of the way.

Sitting down, she was then drawn to check the small pink bow between her small round brown ears. The phone rang and Cassie answered it. The kitchen staff were running late due to the delivery being held up. The vampires would have to wait for their breakfast.

Putting down the phone, Cassie decided it was best for the moment not to tell them. They had only just woken up and would be grumpy enough. She got back to cleaning the desk then checked the medical trolley. Making a note of the things that were needed, she waited till the other four nurses came back to the desk.

‘Were you late?’ Frenchie, a pink gnome asked.

‘A little,’ Cassie admitted, ‘twins where playing up…the little monkeys.’ She giggled and the other nurses joined in.

‘Are they still walking all over your husband?’ Pepper, the rabbit, inquired.

‘Yes and taking great delight in it too,’ Cassie replied.

More laughing followed and Harriet the hippo had to hide her snorting.

‘Oh, I think one of the vampires is getting discharged,’ Will spoke out, cutting in.

Cassie turned to him and took in the tall elf. The blue pants and jacket, did not seem to suit him, but maybe it was just the clash with his light green hair and the tattoo green leaves on the edges of his face.

‘The kitchen has just said their food is delayed. If they ask you can tell them, but for now…’

‘The blood is late again!’ a sharp, male noble voice shouted out.

They all turned and saw one of the vampires standing in the doorway of his room. He was shockingly tall and thin, with a very white face and blood shot eyes. He wore a black seventeen hundred suit with a white shirt and a frill at his throat. His long black hair was tied back making his too high cheek bones more pronounced.

‘Lord Trell, I’m sure it will be here soon,’ Cassie said and got up.

She escorted him back to his room, noticing his bare feet with long toes and cracked yellow nails. The vampire flung himself on to his bed with a loud groaning. Cassie eyed him then checked his clipboard notes at the end of the bed. Seems he hadn’t been eating much anyway.

‘I’ll let you know when it has arrived,’ she said, ‘you should put your bed socks on.’

Lord Trell sighed and looked at the discarded stockings on the bedside table. He picked them up and showed the nurse the holes in them.

‘I’ll get you some more,’Cassie said with a shake of her head as she left.


Mud, Earth, Red, Nature, Rain, Winter

Watching Teddy, the chocolate Labrador, lying down in the large puddle, Amy recalled something her granddad had always said during their muddy walks together.

‘Mud, mud, glorious mud. There’s nothing like mud for cooling the blood of a vampire!’ Amy said loudly.

Teddy stopped covering himself in brown water and looked at her. He cocked his head, decided she wasn’t speaking to him and began lapping the water up.

‘Do you really have to drink that?’ Amy cried.

Teddy ignored her, but gave a wag of his tail to indicate he’d heard her. He splashed about in the puddle then got out and headed to the next one.

Amy shook her head and trailed after him. As he entered the next puddle, she didn’t stop but carried on walking along the pathway. Tall trees, just getting their new leaves back, seemed to crowd both sides and blocked the surrounding views of the woodland. Birds darted from branch to branch, singing to each other whilst grey squirrels scampered about.

The sound of rain caused Amy to stop and open her umbrella. Teddy bashed into her right leg then trotted proudly on. Tutting, Amy wipe at the small splattering of mud on her jeans then followed him again. Teddy spotted something and gave chase, nosily charging through the undergrowth.

Amy left him to it and let her mind drift back to her granddad. He had brought her up after her parents split and got with different people. She would have gone into care without him. Amy slowed her pace and walked along the edges of a wide puddle. She glanced back, wondering where Teddy was but at same time grateful he wasn’t rushing past her.

Moving on, she spotted the small farm attached to what had once been the estate manger’s house, back when the woods had been privately owned. Holding her umbrella against the now pouring rain, she decided to turn around and go home.

‘Teddy!’ she called.

Listening she heard a distant bark. Rolling her eyes, Amy retraced her footsteps and went back to where the dog had disappeared from. Teddy came bounding though the bushes and mud, tongue rolling out and looking like he was having a whale of a time.

‘It’s home time,’ Amy said.

Teddy ignored her and dived into the nearest puddle. He scooped the water up with his tongue then flung himself down. Some of the dirt washed off him, but as he stood up, Amy could see he was still covered in dripping mud.

‘Bath time for you,’ she added.


Heart, Love, Romance, Valentine, Romantic

Everyday he went it into the woods and made love hearts out of the largest fallen branches. One day he hoped to give them to his wife and daughters when he saw them again.


Kitchen, Decoration, Kitchen Equipment

Nickie lived in kitchens because food was her passion and her dream was to be a top chief. Though some days when she was chatting away to whoever, she came across more like Cinderella or some old fashioned housewife.


Jam, Homemade, Croatia, Food, Sweet, Marmalade, Jar

Adelyn looked at the rain dripping off the white and blue stripped plastic roof cover. The sound of it was quite nice, but it dulled her mood. Having a quick glance at the sky, she could see the weather wasn’t going to change any time soon. Sighing, she settled back on her chair.

Behind her jam stall, she watched the corner of the market she could see. All the other stall holders were huddled down and wrapped up, so only their heads or hair could be seen behind their items. Further down, a few people were either hurrying past the stalls or sometimes pausing to look. No one was buying though.

Adelyn took out her notebook and looked at the scrawl of products and little lines against them. Yesterday had been okay, but today she had sold less then ten jars.

‘Damn this weather,’ she muttered.

Putting the notebook away, she got out her flask of tea and lunch box. Eating and drinking made her feel better, but the lunchtime rush she had been praying for didn’t arrive. A few more people joined the handful that had been milling around and whilst the neighboring stalls, which were selling bedding, toys and books got some interested, Adelyn’s homemade jams did not.

Putting her things away, she dug out a very worn paperback book and began reading. The rain beat down more heavily, the wind picked up and somewhere in the distant came the rumble of thunder. Adelyn raised her head and saw that the closest stall holders were starting to pack up.

Nodding to herself, she slipped the book away and began pulling the plastic boxes out from under the stall. A flash caused her to search the sky, but she saw nothing but the darkening clouds. Quickly, she tried to pick away, but the jars took time to stack and there seemed to be so many of them.

Finally and after a few trips back and forth to her small car, Adelyn was able to sit behind the wheel and catch her breath. Running her fingers through her short dyed brown hair, she tried not to think about the possible money shortage this month. Starting the car, she hoped there was some online orders waiting for her.


Igloo, Ice, Snow, House, Home, Polar, Region, Shelter


It was a crazy idea, but still as Vince drew out the plan, the paycheck rang in his ears. He grabbed the metal ruler and began working out the height, length and width of the half sphere shape and attached long arched entrance. He shook his head, still feeling the eddies of madness. Of all the things he’d been asked to make over the years; doll houses, kids play dens, tree houses and rocking horses, this took the biscuit. Looking down at the blueprint, he admired his art work then wondered how he was going to build an igloo out of wood.