First Date

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Poppy pulled down her light purple dress and decided she was showing too much leg. She went to select another, but nothing seemed as good. Sighing, she just decided to forget about it and leave. She was going to be late anyway. Getting her black high heels on and purple handbag, she went to her front door and stared longingly back.

What if I never come back? her paranoia whispered.

Shaking her head, she shut the door and walked off to the bus stop. Telling herself firmly she would come back no matter what. Waiting, she enjoyed the late spring afternoon and was glad she had decided against a jacket. The bus turned up early and was unusually crowd. Squeezing into a seat, she wondered if this was all really worth.

For a second, she almost changed her mind and got up, but then the bus moved away and carried her down the road. Trying to ignore everyone else and the softly crying baby, Poppy dug her headphones out and put some music on her Ipod. She listened to a natural playlist and found the sound of rain falling in a jungle soothing.

Poppy got off the bus at the stop she meant to. She looked around at the busy city street, which for a Friday lunch time felt more like a Saturday. Seeing the spot they were meant to be meeting at, she hurried over, happy she was the first. Standing there, holding her handbag in two hands, she looked around trying to see if she recognized any of the faces going by.

I hope it’s not that guy…her doubt muttered.

No! He had more hair in the photos then that…though he could have cut it. Okay stop thinking, Poppy thought.

She looked out across the little garden and watched the people eating lunch and talking. A group of teenagers with skateboards were arguing where to get coffee from. Poppy rested an elbow on the wall and put her chin into her hand. It was so strange, how everything just felt so…normal, she decided.

Turning back, she spotted a man dodging through the crowd. He was wearing what he said he would be and he was heading this way. Poppy swallowed and almost turned around again. He wouldn’t know her from the back right? Too late! Their eyes met. He smiled and came over.

Just breath and smile. Be normal! she told herself.

She tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear and smiled.

‘Hello,’ he said, ‘you okay? thought I was going to be late, but I made it.’

‘You did,’ she answered and laughed.

His smile grew wider and more relaxed, ‘Coffee then?’

Poppy nodded and letting him led the way, they walked off together chatting away.