Sunset, Sun, Clouds, Dark Clouds


Paige got up from her desk, sliding her gaming headset off. Padding across her bedroom, she was careful to avoid the slice of sunlight on the floor. She pulled the curtains tighter together, not even bothering to look outside, even though the window was actually open. Sitting back at the desk, she put her headset on again and listened to the crackling of voices that belonged to the people she was playing an online game with.

For some reason, her thoughts drifted and she looked back at the curtains. The radio hadn’t lied today was the hottest day of the year so far. She imaged crowds of people flocking to the local parks and public gardens, fighting for the best picnic and sunbathing spots. Paige frowned and listened to children’s voices rising and falling, mixed with laughter and the sound of a ball hitting a wall. She sniffed, catching the smell of flowers, freshly cut grass and whiffs of smoke from BBQs.

Paige shook her head and turned back to her game. She had long let the outside world go by whilst she got on with her thing.