Jetty, Beach, Sunset, Sea, Ocean, Sky, Vacation, Water

The only thing she wanted to do was escape. Looking out of the window whilst taking a break from cleaning, she sighed deeply into the broom handle. She couldn’t see anything other then the built up street from this angle.

She shut her eyes and imaged a beach some where and a boat jetty with a little house like building on the end. She thought about the sound of the sea lapping on the too golden sand and the cries of birds in the sunset sky above.  The smell of salty air and warm summers drifting around on breezes that also soaked into your skin.

She felt the sand between her toes, saw the glitter of shells half buried and found a child’s abandoned castle. She let the small waves kiss her feet then walked along, trailing water from her floor touching skirts without a care in the world. She headed towards the welcoming lights from the jetty house, feeling a mix of damp sand and wood now under her feet.

She reached the door and pushed it open….

The sound of a car horn jerked her back and the broom almost dropped from her hands. Fumbling with it, she caught and looked out of the netted windows. It only seemed to be a neighbor parking up. Pulling a face, she got back to work her daydream fading once more.