Raspberry Picking

Entering the field, Meg wondered for the last time what the adventure Kai had decided to take her on was. Taking his hand, she looked around but still couldn’t figure it out. The long mixed grass swept out before them, framed by tall hedgerows hidden behind which was the wooden fence marking the meadow.

‘What are we doing?’ Meg asked.

Kai slipped his hand out of her’s and tugged his rucksack off. Meg tried to read his face as she had done countless times, but he was keeping a blank mask up.

‘A picnic?’ she pressed.

He shook his head and handed her a collapsible fabric basket. Kai took another one out then zipped up his bag.

He laughed, ‘Still don’t know?’

Meg pulled a face and looked around again,¬†‘Bug catching? I don’t know! I give up, just tell me!’

Kai  laughed, his smile broading and his eyes lighting up in that way she loved so much. He put his rucksack on and taking her hand walked over down the field. Large bushes with red berries, Meg had not noticed before, took shape before her.

‘What are they?’ she asked.

‘Have you never seen a raspberry before?’ Kai asked.

‘Yes, not like that though! But what as that got to do with our adventure date?’

‘We’re going to pick them.’

Meg stared, frowning and still wondering what was going on. Kai let go of her hand, stepped over and started picking the raspberries. He put them into his fabric basket then reached for some more.

‘Seriously?’ Meg uttered.

‘Yep, then we are going to make a pie,’ Kai answered.

Meg burst into laughter.

‘A good pie, with apples too,’ he added.

‘Okay, okay. This wasn’t really what I had in mind for an adventure.’

Kai shrugged, ‘I’ll take you rocking climbing or something next time. Get picking.’

Meg looked at the raspberries and reached for the nearest one. Gently, she pulled it off the bush and popped it into her basket. Then went for some more. She wondered for a moment how many they’d have to pick then catching the look on Kai’s face, she thought how lucky she was to have someone like him.