Miss Kiss

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All the way back to the train station he wanted to kiss her. There was something about the wet shine of her lips and the way they moved when she talked. He just could not bring himself to kiss her though.

As they reached the busy station and stepped to the side of all the people, he finally let go of her hand. Straight away though, he wanted to take it back. Her hand had been so soft and warm, comforting in a way. He reached for her hand, but she was busy pointing out the train times.

When she was finished, they hugged and he realized now was his chance. He put his head down and closer to her’s. He listened to her say goodbye then lent forward. She moved slight back and if he had not been holding her, he would not have noticed.

She hugged him again and kissed him on the cheek. He returned that kiss and felt her soft cheek against him. She let go of him and he knew he should drop his arms, but he could not, he wanted to so badly to kiss her, but now she was breaking his hold and moving away.

He felt like calling out, maybe suggesting another hug or….but no, she was waving goodbye and moving through the barriers to her train. He watched, till she had vanished in the crowed then he told his feet to start walking and they did. His thoughts kept flashing back as he left the train station and he hoped he would have another chance next time.