Closed Heart

Heart, Valentine, Love, Sky, Fly, Wings, Door, Open

What was it about opening her heart again that she found so difficult? Fay stopped thinking and took Reed in again. There was nothing wrong with him on the surface and he seemed fine underneath too. Most importantly though, he ticked all of her boxes; handsome, nice smile, good figure, funny, well educated, liked a lot of things she did and found her attractive.

Fay sipped her cooling latte and wondered why the walls where still up. This was what? Their seventh date now? And still, she could not let him in. Which was totally not her. Tucking a stray strand of light brown hair back, she got back to paying attention to him. Reed was saying something about the movie they had just been to see, but Fay was not sure what he was talking about.

She frowned at her half empty coffee mug and pushed it away from her. She needed to figure this out somehow without him noticing. Taking a deep breath, she told herself she would start trying to let him in, but first letting go of the past would help.