Peanut Butter

food, healthy, dry

She had a mad craving for peanut butter on toast and she didn’t know why. Uncurling from the sofa, she took the TV control from the table and hit the guide button. Checking the time she say it was a little past eight. The supermarket would still be open.

Turning the TV off, she stood up and gathered her things. Putting on slipper boots and a light jacket, she picked up her car keys and left the house. Locking the door behind eh, she stepped into the surprisingly cool evening. It had been raining all day and everything was still dripping wet.

Getting into a car and setting off, she found the roads to be empty. However, the supermarket car park was busy. Finding the closest space she could, she pulled up her old mini up and turned off the engine. Car headlights flashed behind her then vanished around a corner.

She got out and went into the brightly lit store. A steady flow of people were wandering around looking at the heavily stock shelves and pondering what they needed. She walked around with hurried steps to the right area and looked at all the different brands of peanut butter.

Selecting the shop’s own in the middle price range, she then went to the bread section. Avoiding an old man who couldn’t decided, she grabbed a favorite brand of bread and went to the tills. After paying, she went back to the car and was almost tempted to make a sandwich there and then.

Holding it together, she went home and fore filled her craving.