Red Sun


As I drove out alone, I couldn’t help but think it shouldn’t have been this way. Everyone else was heading the same way I was; to the edge of the planet. All around me, a whole mix of different machines raced by and I gritted my teeth and wondered what was so great about a space bike anyway.

Of course, everything was the only answer and that was why she had left me. I clutched the wheel and felt my Earth car bumping along. It had been some big joke for awhile, but then it had been ‘cool’ and she had loved it. I guess I always knew it wasn’t going to work though.

I pulled up and cut the engine. I was a meter or so away from the edge, but that was good enough for me. I watched a space boat taking off and heading just like every other thing seemed to be towards the eclipsing sun and moon. The view out there must have been good. For me though, the magic had drained out of it.

I looked at the glove box, which was just a small drawer in the dashboard. Even though I knew what was in there, I pushed the button and let it fall open anyway. The black space was empty but for a white square box which I took out. Tonight should have been our night, but she had made the message all to clear.

I went to open the box, decided it against it and threw it back into the drawer. Above me the light was fading fast and I looked up in time to see a huge dark circle being haloed by red light. I lent back in the seat and watched the moon moving away again. I tried not to think about her, but my mind wouldn’t let go.

That’s what had happened to us, I told myself as the moon finally slipped away from the sun. We’d had that moment together and now we were back alone…Well, she was with someone else now, but that didn’t work so well with the symbolism. Still there’d be more girls and more moments, but it wouldn’t be the same.

I started the engine, backed up the earth car and headed for home. The sun was back to normal above me and to my left the moon was returning to it’s route. I began to wonder about them in a strange way, picturing the moon and sun as lovers who could only met during the eclipse.

Perhaps that was just nonsense, but maybe somewhere it was true.


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