Creepy Clown (Part 1)

Man in Clown Costume

It was late and Heavenly knew she should have been home hours ago. She quickened her pace through the small park, wondering why everything seemed different at night. All the normal background sounds; the wind rustling the dying tree leaves, cars going past and the kids’ roundabout squeaking were amplified.

Heavenly shivered and told herself to grow up. Holding tightly to her shoulder bag, she glanced at the fenced in playground as she almost jogged by. There was someone there, sat on a swing.

Despite the urgency, she slowed down to look then wished she hadn’t. Even in the dim light, she could see the person on the swing was dressed up as a clown. The bright yellow and multi-coloured polka jump suit they were wearing was baggy and frilly at the leg and arm holes. Around their neck was a large white frill collar that reminded her of a threatened lizard. The clown was also wearing the typical over sized red and white spat leather shoes.

Heavenly slowed further and saw the clown’s head was down. The massive curly red wig he was wearing covered his face, making him sad in appearance. All in all he looked like a clown left behind by his circus. Also, he was too still. The idea of calling over to see if he was okay popped into her mind, but Heavenly shook it away.

Taking a deep breath, she turned her eyes away and walked on.

The groaning squeak of the swing made her glanced over.

The clown had started to swing back and forth even though his head was still down.

Heavenly bite her lip and carried on. She didn’t have time for this, as long as the weirdo stayed were he was she didn’t care. With her footsteps sounding too loudly on the narrow pathway, she walked past a bench. A red balloon was tied to one of the handles as if a child had left it there whilst they went to play. The wind was making it bob about wildly.

Trying to ignore the balloon, she headed down the left path which led to the nearest exit of the park. She knew the walk home would now be longer as she would have to go around the outside of the park, but at least she’d feel safer and there would be more distance between her and the creepy clown guy.

The swing let out a really loud squeal from behind her. Heavenly stole a look over her shoulder and saw the clown was no longer there. The swing was moving by itself. A little cry escaped her lips and Heavenly broke into a run. Her instincts screamed for her to flee and not look back.

Ahead, she saw the fence taking shape and Heavenly knew she was almost there. The wind rattled the trees above her, a car horn blared and a dog barked twice. Then she was there, through the gate and standing on the pavement. Gasping for breath, Heavenly turned and looked back.

The clown was stood on the pathway three meters or so behind her. He was so still he didn’t appear alive expect for the red balloon which was bobbing above him.

It was too dark to see his face, but Heavenly was glad she couldn’t anyway. She turned, checked the road was clear and walked across. The bright street lights chased the bulk of the shadows away and Heavenly felt safer. Still though, she looked over her shoulder every once in awhile just to make sure there was nothing there.

When she arrived home, Heavenly double checked all the doors and windows were locked. However, as she drew the curtains she couldn’t help but feel she was being watched.


To Be Continued…





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