Creepy Clown (Part 5)


Heavenly couldn’t sleep. She had lay in bed, tossing and turning for an hour now. Throwing back the duvet, she sprawled out and listened to the rain falling. The sound was gentle and smoothing, but Heavenly felt too on edge. All she could think about was the clown. She no longer thought that the man she had heard arrested on the news was the same one that she had seen in the park. So, he was still out there then.

She got up and leaving the lights off went to the window. Looking out she could see the rain drops on the glass and also on the cars parked up. A few houses still had lights on, but it wasn’t much to see by. She opened the window and let the chilly autumn wind blow in. It felt good on her hot skin and for a few moments she stood there enjoying it.

Heavenly went to turn from the window, but the sound of rapping on the fence stopped her. She whipped back and looked out. There was something moving in the alleyway. She could see a long shadow and hear footsteps. Hiding in the curtain, she watched as the gate which had been re-secured was forced open.

She tried not to make  a sound or move as the clown entered the back garden. Even in the dim light she knew it was the same one and he was also holding a red balloon. Heavenly’s eyes followed him as he took a few turns around the garden. He didn’t seem to be looking for something, rather that he was waiting and talking himself into doing something.

Heavenly made to slip away, she had to wake her mum and ring the police again.

The clown rose his head up and suddenly looked at her.

Heavenly froze, praying he hadn’t spotted her.

Then the clown clicked a torch on underneath his face. The light lit up his menacing red slashed mouth, his huge fake red nose and the black raised eyes. He grinned up at her, raised his hand up to his neck and made a slicing motion with his fingers.

Heavenly screamed, stumbled back and trapped over. Scrambling across the floor, she got up and ran straight into her bedroom door. Her hands fumbled for the dead bolt, then the handle. Finally she flung the thing open and ran into her mum’s room.

‘Mum! Clown! Garden!’ she balled like a child.

‘What?’ her mum’s voice drifted sleeping from the nest of a bed.

‘Clown!’ Heavenly gasped.

‘Where?’ her mum demanding.

‘Back garden!’

Her mum threw back the duvet and clicked on the light. She went to get up but a loud banging noise stilled her.

Heavenly spun and looked out the door, but she could see nothing in the darken hallway.

‘Quick! Put the lock on my door,’ Heavenly’s mum said.

Heavenly moved, slammed the door and turned the key in the lock. She backed away and scrambled into her mum’s bed as the sound of smashing glass came from the kitchen.

‘Police, please,’ her mum whispered into the phone.

Heavenly pressed herself into her mother’s side, just like a scared child and drew the duvet up and around her like a protective shield.

‘A man has broken into my house. He’s dressed as a clown, he’s been scaring my daughter. He was here last night trying to get in too. You need to send someone over right now!’

Heavenly, half listening to her mother’s voice and the movements in the kitchen, was floored with fear. Even had she ever felt so scared in all her life. Her ears filled with the sound of more breaking glass and the splitting off wood.

‘Get under the bed,’ her mum hissed and tried to shove her out.

‘No,’ Heavenly whimpered.

‘It’ll be safer. I’ve got a plan.’

Her mum threw the bedding off them both and helped Heavenly get under the bed. They moved some boxes and then rebuilt them around her in a fort like way. Her mum then made the bed up again, making it appear as if someone was hiding underneath the sheets. Heavenly then heard her moving around, perhaps picking up something before getting into the large wardrobe.

Heavenly’s breathing was so loud and she was shaking. She listened and heard footsteps on the stairs. She tried to quieten her breathing, but it was so hard. Turning her attention to the footsteps, she listened to them entering her room first and looking around. Furniture was opened and shut.

The footsteps moved into the bathroom. Things were moved again.

A pause.

Heavenly held her breath and told herself it was all a nightmare. None of this was happening right now. It was a bad dream and she’d wake up soon enough and just laugh it off.

The handle to her mother’s bedroom turned. It rattled loudly and a large force on the other side of the door tried to open it.

Heavenly let out a little squeak and pressed her hands to her ears.

Something banged into the door and the vibrations shot across the room. The key fell out of the lock and the banging continued.

Heavenly bite her lip and tasted blood. She curled up, still praying this was a bad dream and wishing her mum had stayed at her side.

The door caved in with a huge crashing sound.

Footsteps walked over it and into the middle of the room.

‘Come out, come out wherever you are,’ a muffled, soft man’s voice whispered.

Heavenly froze and shut her eyes.

The duvet was yanked back and a whipping slicing sound cut across the air.

‘Where are you?!’ the clown shouted.

Heavenly heard the wardrobe door bang open. Her mother screaming then something metal hitting something hard. A woof of air came out from someone above her and the bed sank with weight.

A scream rose inside her, but she kept it down.

In the distance, Heavenly heard sirens.

The boxes suddenly moved around her and the scream escaped her.

‘It’s me, Heavenly!’ her mum gasped, ‘come on!’

Hands grabbed her and she pulled out from under the bed then around and out the room. Heavenly looked back and saw a flash of yellow and red laying on the bed.

Her mum dragged her downstairs and to the front door. Desperately, she wanted to ask what had happened, but she couldn’t find the words.

Her mum threw the door open and they rushed out into the rain and the flashing blue night.