Headstone Mystery


‘Another headstone disappeared from the cemetery today,’ the priest’s wife stated over supper.

The priest looked wearily up at her. He was tried after a long day of listening to confessions. All he wanted to do was go to bed but he was patient enough with his wife of forty years to listen to her.

‘Mr. Cole informed me just before you arrived home,’ his wife went on,’ he said he¬†arrived at his usual hour ¬†and went about his normal walk about the cemetery. Then he came across a large gap in-between two of the really old headstones.’

‘Oh?’ the priest asked.

‘Just like the other one last weekend!’ his wife answered, ‘and the headstone nowhere to be seen!’

The priest paused and began to reflect deeply.

‘I just don’t understand it….’ the priest’s wife trailed.

Her knitting needles clicked together in the well light living room which was also a glow with fire light. She fell to muttering to herself, counting the stitches.

‘There must be a reason behind it, my dear,’ the priest finally voiced.

‘What dear?’

‘The missing headstones. There must be a reason behind it….maybe we should connect someone? Perhaps, it’s something as simple as the council taking them away,’ the priest explained.

His wife lend over her knitting and looked straight at him, ‘I think something more sinister is going on….gravestone robbers!’

The priest shook his head, ‘I’m sure it’s nothing….I’m ready for bed are you, dear?’

‘In a moment.’

The priest nodded and stood up. He left the room, missing gravestones a thought for another day.