Stormy Weather


It was autumn on the cusp of winter weather at it’s full force.

The cruel icy wind blew a gale not carrying what it swept away. The nearly hibernated trees lost all their remaining leaves and some branches as well as they seemed to hang on for dear life. The wind rattled doors and windows, seeping inside and spreading the cold further.

The rain coated everything, dripping and clinging where it could. Massive pools of water formed on the ground and ran down the sides of roads. Umbrellas and coats were defenseless against it as if the rain was determined that everything should be soaking wet.

The sky was dull grey. No sun or moon to be seen nor any cloud shapes to be made out. There was just a flat stretch of nothing reaching above a darkening, strangely quiet city.

I turned my eyes away from the window at last. I checked the fire was still roaring and had enough logs. Then went back to my book. For today was the perfect day for staying safety inside.