Winter Field

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Alicia looked out of the window and across to the field. Four horses and two ponies were tucking into a bale of hay whilst the snow fell around them.

They need their rugs on, she thought.

Picking up her phone, she called the stables. It ring for a few seconds then an old man’s voice answered.

‘The snow’s not stopping. Please, put their coats on,’ Alicia spoke.

‘Right away,’ Tom answered and hung up.

Alicia ended the call too and put the phone back into her lap. A few minutes later, she saw Tom weighted down by coats going over to the horses. When he had put them all on and she was satisfied. She turned her chair from the window and wheeled herself back to her desk.


(From photo prompt by With thanks. Copyright of photo with her).