Dear Diary #38


Dear Diary,

It’s the first of October today and things have started heightening in the house. This morning, all the doors were open including wardrobes, cupboards and drawers. I got up from bed, still half a sleep and went to the door. I tried to open it and found that it already was! Confused, I inspected the door then looked out into the corridor and saw the other three bedroom doors and the bathroom door wide open!

I closed my door easily and went to the bathroom one and did the same. Deciding it must be another drunk prank by Drew and Jesse, I went through my morning routine. After, I went downstairs and seeing all those doors open, I signed and closed everything. Why had they left all the cupboards open? Worse though was the front and back doors!

The house felt so cold and I hurried to close and lock both doors. Then I checked that nothing had been stolen. Luckily, everything was fine, but I was so angry at them! Of course when they finally got up, we had a massive argument about it. They claimed it wasn’t them and they weren’t drunk enough as they remember all of yesterday.

Beth and her boyfriend came down and joined in. The boys blamed it on them but Beth said it wasn’t. Finally, after a lot of back and forth, I decided this was pointless and got everyone to call it quits. Then I went off to study and carry on writing my first essay of this uni year.

Things were okay throughout the day. Though Jess said he thought that someone had been moving stuff under his bed and Beth thought she heard her boyfriend calling her upstairs and then back downstairs when actually he was outside helping Drew to fix Drew’s car. We laughed about it but then she had to bring up the ghost!

I ignored her and asked if she’d help me make a Sunday roast. I just can’t get back into all that supernatural stuff. I said I’d leave it at home and I’m still determined to do that. It’s final year and I need to keep my head down. But, if I did take the time to try and communicate with whatever is in this house then maybe it would make our lives easier?

There’s been another incident this evening. We were watching a movie all together and the TV screen started flickering then turned off. We were sat in the dark for a few moments and I felt something brush my face, like the tips of many feathers moving past or like I had just walked through cobwebs. Then Drew turned on a lamp and went to the turned the TV on. The screen flicked back on and he started the movie again.

It’s done that a few times now and Drew blames some fault in the TV or the electrics. But everyone’s computers, mine and Beth’s TVs also do the same thing every now and again and I just no longer think it’s the electrics. There’s no pattern and we’ve had the landlord checked everything twice now and nothing has been found.

Everyone has gone to bed now and it’s nearly eleven. I’ve not been able to sleep which is why I’m writing, but I must try and get to sleep as I have a lecture first thing. However, I can hear footsteps and whispering in the hallway. Yes, it could be my housemates, but I know it’s not. The footsteps are too heavy, like someone is wearing boots and not caring who hears them walking about. The voices are too whispery to make out words as if they are purposely trying not to heard. I know from being woken by my housemates talking before that it’s hard not to hear peoples’ words even if they are whispering.

I’m torn. I want to go out and talk to them but I can’t open the doorway to that world at the minute. I just have this feeling that things are getting to get stronger and maybe worse. I think they have got use to us being here this past month and now they have got back to doing what they normally do. The change into a new season and the fact Halloween is approaching is fuelling them too.

I don’t want to be forced into this but maybe I won’t have a choice if I want to carry on living here.