Portal #writephoto


The end of the passage way glowed a warm light colour. I trailed my hand over the smooth wall as I walked along the flagstones. I could hear muttering voices, soft music and I smelt pine and fire. Ahead, the walls seemed to move away and room was opening.

I paused as I saw snow start to fall and I realised that the joining walkway had an open day at the end of it that was open. Yet, I couldn’t feel the cold coming in. Walking on, I entered the room and saw a massive space before me. There was a large fire lit and blazing off heat, there was a huge pine tree, heavily decorated in the corner and so many people filled the room!

The party was in full swing but it was like I had entered a portal to Christmas land. Everyone was dressed up in themed and not so themed costumes or else they were wearing normal clothes that were jazzed up. The full sounds and smelts hit me, rolling off me and dragging me in.

I smiled, no longer feeling the weight of the heavy dress surrounding me and hurried in to join the festivities.

(Inspired by; https://scvincent.com/2017/12/07/thursday-photo-prompt-portal-writephoto/ with thanks).