Window #writephoto


Pressing my hands to the lattice window, I imagined I was touching the red roses that were blooming on the other side of the clouded glass. I could feel their soft, velvet petals warmed by the sunlight and breath in deeply their heavy perfume.

Resting my cheek on the cold glass, the realisation that I could no longer recall the smell of flowers disheartened me. Sighing, I turned away and went back to the massive bed which dominated the tower room which was my cell.

(Inspired by; with thanks).


11 thoughts on “Window #writephoto

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  2. There are all kinds of cells. My Mom, who is going through the early stages of dementia, was talking to a friend sometime back who suffers similarly. The friend told my Mom that when she woke up that morning, she couldn’t remember what the front of her house looked like.


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