The Mummies #SundayPhotoFiction

225 03 March 18th 2018

I shouldn’t have been so shocked to find Egyptian mummies in my great-grandparents’ house but it was disturbing as they were the bodies of two toddlers and a possible still born baby. The two cats and bird I had found earlier, I didn’t mind so much, especially as I remembered them from childhood. Human reminds were just different.

All three mummies were wrapped safely in a wooden packing box that had faded foreign travel information on. I knew my great-grandparents had lived in Egypt for a few years, that was were they had met and began sharing their love of ancient history together. Over the years, they had amassed a huge collection of historical items.

Despite my gut instinct, I had to open the sarcophagi to know what was inside of them. All three had still wrapped bodies in them. The badges had yellowed, cracked with age and a musty dry smell like that of an old book wafted out. I closed the lids quickly and put them all back into the wooden crate. Then labeled what they were and that they should be donated to a museum.


(Inspired by; with thanks).

6 thoughts on “The Mummies #SundayPhotoFiction

  1. Wow, I would be totally freaked out to find human remains in my attic or garage! But as James said, you are supposed to alert the authorities. It was actually my first thought — that maybe these weren’t ancient artifacts but in fact, a cover-up for some ghastly murders her relatives were involved in (ooh, intrigue!).

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  2. I was into the story till the end, but that last line somehow didn’t work for me. It was a slightly tame ending to what was building up into a nice little supernatural thriller in my head. but then, that’s just me 🙂


    • Yes, I can understand that, I was thinking of the cliche mummy curse but as this was only a 200 word prompt short story I just ran out of words for it. I’ll keep trying though.


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