Stark #WritePhoto

Roxy was dead and drifting through a stark landscape. Below her were bare white trees,  branches reaching into an endless grey-white clouded, dark blue sky. Yellowed grass upon rolling hills created a sea for her to look down upon.

She didn’t know where this was. A countryside? A moor? Hell, perhaps and over that hill there’d be lava pools, towers of fires and demons chanting. She flew over, there was nothing. Heaven then? But it seemed too bleak and deserted for that.

Roxy was unable to stop moving but she didn’t feel anything, she was beyond that now. From time to time, she thought she saw white shapes in the distance, she couldn’t make out what they were and never got close enough to see.

On and on she flew, the landscape repeating itself. She tried hard to remember small details; the certain shapes of tree branches or clouds. However, her mind wasn’t working as it once did and she couldn’t keep hold of the memories for long.

An idea came to her, Limbo. That would explain it. So, she was trapped here until what? Roxy couldn’t recall. In fact, she was having a hard time thinking now. She slipped into the drifting motion and let it carry her away, forgetting everything.


(Inspired by; with thanks).