Wrapping #WeeklyWritingChallenge


It was getting to Christmas again. This time Terri had been on top of everything. Being off sick from work with stress had turned into a strange blessing. Whilst everyone else was worried about finding the time to  get everything done, Terri was racing ahead.

The last of her presents arrived and wanting to put a surge of energy to good use, Terri decided to get wrapping things up. Covering the front room with boxes, wrapping paper, bows, tag, sticky tape and scissors, Terri put on some Christmas themed music and studied her notebook. The page listed peoples’ names and the gifts she had brought them as well as the cost.

Terri humming along to the song and set about wrapping each item up. It was fun for an hour then her head started spinning. She began questioning if she had brought and spent enough on each person, if they would like the gift and how could she be sure they didn’t have this book all ready?

A rant began in her mind and she had to stop to calm down.

It doesn’t matter, she thought finally, everyone is getting a present and that’s what counts the most. 


(Inspired by https://secretkeeper.net/2018/11/26/weekly-writing-challenge-169/ with Thanks).


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