Glamping #FridayFictioneers

Glamorous camping was the latest fashion trend. I wasn’t impressed, for me camping was sleeping under the stars around a fire, getting away from all things and this ‘glamping’ was a hotel room inside a tipi. At least my girlfriend was impressed and there’s no way I’d ever convince her to spend a weekend without electricity; ‘I can’t survive without my hair drier!’

For me, the scenery and the escape from city life had made up for the luxury camping experience. Outside the Tipi of High Life there was a whole barren land to be explored.

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23 thoughts on “Glamping #FridayFictioneers

    • I’ve been camping lots of times and it’s just something you get use to. One time there was a hedgehog in my tent! I’ve never been glamping but my brother has. I think I had him in mind writing this one.

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      • I liked all animals. Doing two years study of animal care and management helps to get over fears of little things. I can’t deal with flying insects though. I’ve a fear of them getting in my ears.

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      • Really? But that’s why we have ear-wax, to keep them out. My fear is more those legless, wingless creatures. Although casting the antagonist of several full-length stories as one of these creatures (in demon form of course) has helped me to related more positively to them. Though I’m still especially careful of where I plant my feet in snake-country.

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      • High season, they’re never a problem. But early season when they’re still sluggish, they’ll bask in the sun and stubbornly refuse to move. Okay, now I’ve learned to be extra aware, and as I said, to watch my feet. But only after finding my foot hovering inches above one (an adder, female, well grown) and the darling thing having hissed and stilled me, then drawing back ready to strike. I withdrew foot. It darted away. The sweat poured, every part of me shook. Prior to that I already had the phobia. Even a slough worm could freak me. I had a repeat of the experience, this on a sunny day, late season.


  1. That was a lovely episode and told well. I am with you about the camping. Mind you we are old now and go in a camper – very basic though and certainly no hairdrier in sight. In fact I rarely wash my hair when travelling. On occasions it’s been more than two weeks, especially when we go off grid.

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    • Thank you. My family did a lot of camping whilst I was growing up. they were cheap holidays for a family of six and we use to really enjoy disconnecting from the world and getting back to nature.


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